Ask A 30 Under 30(ish) Honoree: Favorite Watch Trends

Ask A 30 Under 30(ish) Honoree: Favorite Watch Trends

In the next installment of an ongoing series, Watchonista asked our inaugural 30 Under 30(ish) honorees, what their favorite watch industry trends currently are.

By Jessica “J.J.” Owens

As the landscape of the watch industry changes, it’s necessary to not only embrace that change but get insight from the people at the forefront of that shift.

So, with our 30 Under 30(ish) honorees ranging from watchmakers to auctioneers, from influencers to photographers, the perspectives of the next generation industry leaders, despite their diverse backgrounds, yield far more similarities than differences.

Last time, we asked our honorees which watch changed the game and set them on their path in the watch world. Today, we ask:

Currently, what are your favorite trends in the watch industry?




John Ferrer

Founder of Brew Watch Co.


“My favorite trend is that watches are getting smaller and more compact! In the past, we would see the most beautiful pieces in magazines and online – only to become disappointed with their final, unreasonable dimensions and proportions on the wrist.

“I’ve also noticed that brands are having more fun with the colors and graphics on their watches. Examples of this can be seen in my own Brew models, Rolex, Autodromo, Oris, and many more.

“Confidence and creativity are at an all-time high, and I am excited for the future of this watch industry.”

Check out John’s Instagram page: @johnferrer



Clara Kessi

Client Relations Manager & Auctioneer at Phillips
in Association with Bacs & Russo


“There are a few watch brands out there that are taking aesthetic cues from the past and reinterpreting them into new creations.

“For example, I really like the Furlan Marri and its mechaquartz Tasti Tondi Ref. 1011-A, which takes inspiration from a Patek Philippe Ref. 1463, or its Black Sector Ref. 2116-A with black sector dial, Breguet numerals, and fancy lugs inspired from a Vacheron Constantin Chronograph Cornes de Vache.

Baltic is also doing wonderful timepieces, like the automatic MR01, which has a stepped case with a beautiful, hammered dial with applied Breguet numerals, off-center guilloché seconds, and a minute outer train track. They are a delight to watch and wear.”

Check out Clara’s Instagram page: @clarakessi




Andrea Furlan

Co-Founder of Furlan Marri

“Brands are telling more stories than ever before and bringing back some of their famous calibres, designs from the past, and developments. Also, the collaborations between auction houses and brands are a great thing to see.

“Additionally, I want to mention the use of virtual reality and 3-D experiences, which we are starting to incorporate in the watch buying process. This breaks the boundaries between virtual and physical objects and helps the e-commerce platforms better display their product to customers.”

Check out Andrea’s Instagram page:




James K



“I’m a big fan of brands that push technical boundaries, whether in terms of materials, design, movement construction, or something else.

There’s an inherent contradiction in applying the best and newest modern technology to tackle problems that were adequately solved long ago. But therein lies the appeal. Besides, mechanical watches are essentially anachronistic anyway, so why not take that anachronism to the extreme?”

Check out James’ Instagram page: @waitlisted




Brynn Wallner

Founder of Dimepiece

“I love seeing the resurgence of smaller watches among every group, from the fashion crowd to hardcore collectors!

“I hope this becomes more mainstream while the steel sports watch craze takes a backseat to more unusual, unlikely vintage designs.”

Check out Brynn’s Instagram page:



Andrea Casalegno

Founder of the “IamCasa – Andrea Casalegno” YouTube Channel



“For me, today’s number one trend in watchmaking and collecting is the dichotomy between the iconic and funky. We have icons on the one hand (like the Royal Oak or the Tank) getting the attention and holding a place in everyone’s heart, but then, on the other hand, we have pieces that scoff at the idea of consensus.

“There is no in between for me. That said, the trend is either: cementing an icon or trying to excite and amaze with the unseen.”

Check out Andrea’s Instagram page: @iamcasa




Zach Lu



“After seventeen years of collecting, I don’t pay attention to trends. My interest in watches is simple: design and rarity. The motivation behind buying any luxury item is to own a piece that is not common and feel uniquely accomplished.

I currently love both the Nadal and Sapphire collections from Richard Mille. I also love the Grand Complications and Tiffany-singed Nautilus pieces from Patek Philippe.”

Check out Zach’s Instagram page: @zachattack__25


Stay tuned to Watchonista for our next installment with more industry insights from our 30 Under 30(ish) List honorees.

(Photography by Liam O'Donnell & Pierre Vogel)

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