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Visions of the future: 
last stretch before the opening of the 
20th Journée Internationale du Marketing Horloger

Thursday, December 1, 2016 at La Chaux-de-Fonds, the 20th Journées Internationales du Marketing Horloger (JIMH) dedicates the theme of its anniversary edition to the Visions of the future. Under this evocative title, the association gives the word to the actors of the watchmaking world to expose their points of view on what will be decisive for the watch industry both in terms of product development, new clients and their communication channels or even emerging distribution networks. The day ends on a festive note in the presence of the Watchmaking Metropolis Orchestra. There is still time to register for this event on www.marketinghorloger.ch

A dense program

More than a few days before the opening of the 20th JIMH on the 'Visions of the future. The L’Heure bleu theater at La Chaux-de-Fonds will receive, Thursday, December 1, industry leaders and specialists who will expose their perception and reveal their expectations about the future of watchmaking. In a context where distribution networks are getting tighter, competition becomes more complex and customers are more demanding and knowledgeable, the world of watchmaking concentrate on three main themes: the future of the product, new customers and the future of distribution channels. Throughout the day, the main actors of this changing world will confront their points of view. We will welcome: 

–       Mr. Jean-François Ruchonnet
–       Jean-Daniel Dubois CEO Vaucher Manufacture
–       Bruno Moutarlier CEO Dubois Dépraz
–       Mr. Arni Kapshitzer, CEO of Hyetis
–       Mr Vincent Perriard, Co - Founder & Board Member of HYT
–       Mr. Davide Traxler, CEO of Corum
–       Mr. Charris Yadigaroglou, Head of communication MB&F
–       Mr. Jacky Epitaux, CEO of Rudis Sylva 

The research day: the academic component

The JIMH is as usual preceded the day before, Wednesday, November 30, 2016, by its academic component: The Journée de Recherché en Marketing Horloger (JRMH). The school of management Arc in Neuchâtel is the host of this event, which will receive, on the same theme, researchers from around the world from reputable academic institutions. 

Note also that the JIMH prize for the best research communication will be awarded by Longines.

You may find the complete program and online registration on www.marketinghorloger.ch. The program is also available via the JIMH application (downloadable from the App Store).

-Just released: the acts of the 19th JIMH 

“The multiple lives of a watch” 

This book brings together papers presented in 2015 at the 10th day of research (JRMH) in Neuchâtel. It also presents lectures and round tables that took place at the 19th JIMH in La Chaux-de-Fonds on the theme of "the multiple lives of a watch (pre-owned watches)". Different teachers researchers and watchmaking specialists contributed to the content of this book. This book is available for sale during the next events of 30 November and 1 December.

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