Taking The Plunge With The DOXA SUB 200 C-GRAPH 

Taking The Plunge With The New DOXA SUB 200 C-GRAPH

DOXA has introduced a new chronograph to its SUB 200 lineup, and we couldn't resist putting it to the test.

By Viviana Shanks

DOXA hasn't been short of surprises this year. After a successful launch of the DOXA SUB 300 Carbon Aqua Lung US Diver (recently nominated in the Divers category at the GPHG) and the colorful remake of the SUB 300 Searambler, DOXA has upgraded its popular SUB 200 line to include a chronograph. And it has got watch lovers on the edge of their seats.  

Breaking The Waves 

For over 50 years, DOXA has never been shy when it comes to color. With a 45mm 316L stainless steel case, the DOXA SUB 200 C-GRAPH comes in six succulent colors that aren't easy to choose from. And between the dial options of bright Yellow Divingstar or Orange Professional, chic Navy Caribbean or Black Sharkhunter, whimsical Turquoise Aquamarine, and finally, classic Silver Searambler, there is a DOXA SUB 200 C-GRAPH for everyone.

The new DOXA SUB 200 C-GRAPH is powered by the Sellita SW510 movement that has been carefully finished by DOXA and features a 48-hour power reserve. The timepiece boasts a water-resistance of 20 ATM / 200 meters / 656 feet and is easily readable underwater thanks to the Super-LumiNova luminescent coating on its indices.

On Dry Land

The DOXA SUB 200 C-GRAPH is also equipped with a chronograph. However, it is highly advised not to use this function while underwater. “But Vivi, why would DOXA include a chronograph function in a dive watch if it shouldn't be used while diving,” I can hear you asking now.

Well, the answer is deceptively simple: The SUB 200 C-GRAPH is not only meant for seasoned divers. A chronograph is the most useful function for timing your friend while they dive, or, if you're the consummate landlubber, it's a pretty cool way to time your Sunday barbecue, so nothing burns on the grill. Because as any watch lover knows, there is nothing wrong with wearing a diving watch when you are not a diver yourself.

Each color comes in two versions, one with the popular and vintage-looking beads of rice bracelet with a deployant clasp and diver's extension (for quick adjustments when wearing a wet or drysuit), or with a colorful rubber strap that matches the dial.

Great, But Is It Big? 

The SUB 200 C-GRAPH’s 45mm case size was probably the most polarizing comment I saw on most forums, specialized press, and Instagram. Between that and a total thickness of 17.25mm, some horological fans' minds went wild, but was that criticism justified? In this writer's humble opinion, I don't think it is.

Yes, technically speaking, it sounds big, but in the metal, the watch isn't much more significant than your average chronograph. Additionally, without the sapphire, the watch is 14.25mm thick, but DOXA added a vintage-looking sapphire glass that added 3mm to its height. It was an aesthetical choice by the brand, and I think it was a good one. The DOXA SUB 200 C-GRAPH fits comfortably on the wrist and will be a great and sturdy adventure companion.

Beyond design choices, multiple factors may make this timepiece bigger than what you might expect or wish. First and foremost, we have to keep in mind that this is a dive watch we are talking about; therefore, there are the "layers" meant to keep the watch movement safe. Second, DOXA is not yet making in-house movements, and each complication included (like a chronograph) adds a bit of height to the timepiece. In the end, on the wrist, the domed sapphire glass makes its thickness seem more like an optical illusion.

I Want It, How Can I Get It? 

DOXA has a great e-commerce platform where you can easily buy the DOXA SUB 200 C-GRAPH that’s right for you. The rubber strap version is $2,750, and the vintage-looking beads of rice bracelet version is $2,790.

(Photography by Pierre Vogel)

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