Reviewed: TUDOR Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue Bucherer Edition

Reviewed: TUDOR Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue Bucherer Edition

Last month, while visiting Watchonista’s Swiss HQ, I started my Monday like any other, then I opened Instagram…

By Josh Shanks

There it was, a Blue TUDOR Heritage Black Bay Bronze, being frantically posted and re-posted by media and influencers. At first glance I had a raw emotional connection with the watch. I knew it had to be mine. I immediately called the nearest Bucherer store and put one on hold.

Bucherer’s Blue Editions have been enchanting collectors for years. These special pieces are created by some of the most iconic maisons in Switzerland and exclusively sold by Bucherer. While the pieces aren’t limited editions, they’re still extremely desirable to own. Which is why I had no hesitation in pulling the trigger on this one.

Why It's Cool

First off, it’s very rare for TUDOR to produce a model outside of their normal line. The most popular off-cycle model has probably been the Heritage Black Bay One made for Only Watch. As a collector, it’s very refreshing to see TUDOR partner with Bucherer to bring a Blue Edition TUDOR to life.

There are many reason I like this watch, for starters, I wear a lot of blue clothes, so my collection tends to skew towards all things blue (dials, bezels, and straps) and this watch ticks all those boxes. Additionally, bronze cases are very much in-vogue right now.

You’ll likely find that Bucherer and other retailers are having a hard-enough time keeping the original Black Bay Bronze (a.k.a. Bronzo) in stock.

Part of the desirability of bronze watches is the patina factor. Because bronze is a copper alloy, any exposure to natural elements will cause a discoloration or “patina”. This discoloration will cause bronze watches to develop a different color, making each piece semi-unique.

For example, exposure to salt water or a pool’s chloride water will lead to a green patination, whereas, exposure to other elements (water, oxides, etc.) will lead to a brown patination. For the Heritage Black Bay Bronze, TUDOR utilizes a special alloy that mixes aluminum and bronze.

The case is capable of patina, but the aging looks different than that of a purely bronze case.

Bucherer Stores Have Been Running at Capacity

At the store, the Bucherer staff couldn’t have been nicer. The Lausanne location had a noticeably full store full of people checking out the latest Blue Edition and past editions. I was seated at a table and served an espresso while the sales associate gathered the necessary boxes and paperwork. On day one of launch, the store advised that I was getting one of the last pieces of their first allocation. I was excited to be one of the first collectors with the piece.

First Thoughts

The first thing you notice when you strap the watch on is the silky-smooth fabric strap. TUDOR’s fabric strap is a masterful piece of art. The strap is woven on an antique loom via a technique called “Jacquard” weaving. The strap is soft, complex, and very durable. Like the bronze case, the strap can develop its own personality with wear. Also included was an aged leather strap that I found to be supple and after a few weeks, wore in nicely.

As a Collector, This Piece Ticks All the Boxes

Desirability, rarity, and uniqueness is a trifecta that collectors tend to skew towards. We want timepieces that very few others own, and we don’t want to have the same watch that our friends have. The TUDOR Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue Edition is these things. Since the piece is only available at Bucherer stores, exclusivity is ensured.

The Piece Has a Unique Ability to Turn Heads Whether It Be on the Train or Boardroom

Now that I’ve had the piece for a few months, I can report back that I’m very pleased with owning this watch. Out of the box, the Bronze case had a bright almost vibrant brushed bronze look. After a few months of wear the piece has begun to darken and develop a nice patina. Put simply, it’s just plain fun to wear.

I’ve worn the piece to the beach, racetrack, and through a New York rainstorm and it’s performed flawlessly throughout. The piece has a unique ability to turn heads whether it be on the train or boardroom.

As an owner of this watch, I may be biased, but for 3,500CHF it’s a tremendous buy. You’ll have a piece that very few others own, and the watch will surely appreciate over the next few years. I rate it as a Must Buy, so if you’re in the market for a great summer watch, you’ve probably found it.

The TUDOR Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue Edition for Bucherer is available exclusively at Bucherer boutiques. For more information, or to find your nearest Bucherer boutique…

(Photography by Liam O'Donnell and Watchonista)

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