Make It Metal: Hands-On with G-SHOCK the MRGB2100B-1A

Make It Metal: Hands-On with G-SHOCK the MRGB2100B-1A

Give a big welcome to the first piece with a 2100 case to bear the iconic MR-G name.

By Rhonda Riche

All of you G-SHOCK heads know that, in 2024, Casio is celebrating its 50th year in the watchmaking biz. Thus, to celebrate this milestone, G-SHOCK is dropping some interesting takes on its most memorable timepieces.

In June 2024, the brand launched the first in the MRG family to feature the iconic 2100 case: the MRGB2100B-1A, featuring G-SHOCK’s clever high-low mix of premium case materials and familiar structure that is designed to send the brand’s fans into a state of euphoria.

Once we got the chance to examine this birthday present in person, we discovered that the real beauty of the MRGB2100B-1A is the craft involved in bringing components forged from the super-hard titanium alloy Ti64 to life. Come with us as we count how this timepiece packs a punch.

Let’s take a closer look.

Metal Shop

G-SHOCK is one of the most recognizable and well-respected budget timepieces on the market. Recently, the brand has been making moves into the luxury realm, and the MR-G Line, G-SHOCK’s flagship collection, is where construction, technical innovation, materials, colors, and finishes prove the mettle of these watches.

Case-in-point, while the case and bezel of the MRGB2100B-1A are made from the ultra-light Ti64, the bezel top has also been rendered in COBARION, a cobalt-chromium alloy manufactured exclusively by the Eiwa Corporation that is four times harder than pure titanium. COBARION is also notable for its gleaming finish, which can be compared to the look of platinum.

The band is made of yet another titanium alloy, DAT55G, which is extremely hard and highly workable, allowing G-SHOCK’s artisans to get creative. The rest of the watch has a diamond-like carbon coating to add a brilliant black sheen.

Meanwhile, the integrated bracelet is constructed in separate components to allow for the addition of dimpled details on the links and a distortion-free mirror finish created with Sallaz polishing, a technique in which a substrate preparation is applied before buff polishing (this is a process that is rarely used outside of high-end Japanese watches). It also fits nicely and sits comfortably on the wrist.

As lovely as these finishes look, they are, more importantly, very scratch resistant, so the MRGB2100B-1A that these bright surfaces should maintain their essence no matter how much mileage you put on it.


One of my writing mentors always used to say that the difference between luxury and mass-produced goods was that the object had passed through human hands.

For example, the bezel of the MRGB2100B-1A consists of 27 different components, each individually polished for a lustrous texture. However, these elements aren’t just for show – a state-of-the-art Multi-Guard Structure uses buffers between the parts to ensure outstanding shock absorption for the bezel. The dedicated MR-G module is further protected with a gold-plated retainer plate.

The commitment to Japanese artisanal tradition is best reflected in the MRG-B2100’s dial.

This face is inspired by kigumi – the traditional Japanese art of interlocking woodwork. Thus, like the complex construction of the case and bezel, the dial is made of many small components.

Even the indices are constructed using a two-part structure to help the markers stand out from the dial. This latticework also integrates the teeny, tiny openings in the face that let light in to generate the solar power to keep the watch running.

This marvel is more than just a splendid celebration of metal. It delivers state-of-the-art functionality, with radio-controlled calibration and smartphone pairing via Bluetooth.

Pricing & Availability

The MRGB2100B-1A is available now and priced at $4,800. For more information, visit the G-SHOCK website.

(Photography by Pierre Vogel)

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