Hands-On With The Speake-Marin One & Two Academic Collection

Hands-On With The Speake-Marin One & Two Academic Collection

Since its creation in 2002, Speake-Marin has always been one of these independent brands with an extraordinary touch combined with true British originality. With this new One & Two collection, the brand proudly steps into modernity without losing its roots. Hats off!

By Benjamin Teisseire

When Peter Speake-Marin left his eponymous brand last year, there were fears of loss of sense and style. Quite the contrary happened. The new One & Two collection is the best proof thereof. Here are the three Academic versions on the wrist.

Depth, elegance, and balance

These are the keywords emanating from this timepiece. The dial is made of two overlapping layers which create an appealing structural depth. The upper plate, determining the outer ring of the face, has a matte finish and four Roman numerals carved at XXII, III, VI and IX o'clock. A delicate minutes index is punctuated by beautiful red five minutes gradations (05 to 60).

Combined, these details provide excellent legibility. The dial plate is polished accentuating the texture of the face. It is efficient like an architect’s sketch. One recognizes the Eric Giroud touch, who has been called upon for this new creation. Lines have been refined creating a new equilibrium thanks to this particular axis between the small seconds counter at 1h30 and the signature at 7h30. A perfect balance on an inclined axis. An architectural oxymoron that reinforces the meaningfulness of the timepiece and the whole family. The grade 5 titanium used for the case brings the final lightness feeling of this new design. Moreover, the brand intelligently offers this collection in two different sizes, 38mm and 42mm, which will enchant lovers of high independent horology whether men or women.

Modern high horology

Since 2014, the brand has developed its own movements internally in their Bursins atelier, near Geneva. After the SMA01 and its openwork version, Speake-Marin unveiled the SMA03 for the Academic: an automatically wound caliber with hours, minutes and small seconds at 1h30. The new Speake-Marin shows that high horology can marry sleekness, simplicity, and precision. The original position of the seconds at 1h30 has necessitated rethinking the entire mechanical structure of the whole. With its 52 hours of power reserve and its Speake-Marin etched micro-rotor, this Academic offers undeniable ease of use. A COSC certification brings the final high precision touch sought-after in the high horology world. A modern caliber, original, efficient and precise: what else do you need?

Speake-Marin signatures sublimated

Despite all these changes, there is no doubt: we are in the Speake-Marin universe. The distinctive Roman numerals are here but in an ultra-modern version. The highly recognizable tubular Piccadilly case undergoes a refinement and comfort treatment. The double bezel is clearly thinner, especially in the 38mm size. Coupled with the depth of the dial it highlights the sense of balance. Comfort is also enhanced thanks to reworked, more ergonomic lugs. The screws of the latter seem smaller adding to the harmony of the timepiece. The Big-Ben hands, in the purest Speake-Marin style, are immediately identifiable with their heart/spade shape for hours and elongated Stuart whip for the minutes. They are blue-Rhodium plated for the Speake-Marin blue version and silver finished for the silver-white or slate grey versions. In all three models, it is highly legible, original, refined: it is Speake-Marin. The sizeable fluted crown remains as elegant as easy to use.

A real crush for the metallic blue version in 38mm which exudes a rare elegance and a refined eccentricity. Act fast! These models are limited to 19 pieces. There will not be enough for everyone.

For more information and technical specifications, click HERE.

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