Chopard x Bamford Unveil the Limited Edition Mille Mig

The Bold & the Beautiful: Chopard x Bamford Unveil the Limited Edition Mille Miglia GTS Power Control “Desert Racer”

The dynamic worlds of motorsports and horology collide once again as Chopard and the Bamford Watch Department join forces for a second time to create an exceptional timepiece: the highly anticipated Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Bamford Edition “Desert Racer.”

By Ash Longet
PR & Business Development

When it comes to merging luxury with a bold and clean design, no one does it better than George Bamford. Luckily for us, his eponymous company, Bamford Watch Department, has once again joined forces with Chopard to unveil the highly anticipated Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Bamford Edition “Desert Racer.”

Released today, this limited to 50 pieces watch, with its bead-blasted titanium construction and flashy design elements, unites Bamford’s sharp taste and uncompromising commitment to creating timepieces that defy conventions and Chopard’s passion for the world of motorsports.

Embracing Icons

Often hailed as the rebellious best friend or l’enfant terrible of the watch industry, George Bamford has emerged as a catalyst for a new era of bold and edgy design.

His unapologetic approach to watch customization has sparked a wave of innovation and creative freedom and challenged established norms by pushing boundaries like never before. But with each collaboration he undertakes, Bamford brings a fresh perspective to the table, infusing iconic timepieces from renowned brands with his unique vision.

Bamford’s ability to seamlessly blend the past with the present is a testament to his understanding of the industry’s evolving landscape. And in an era where staying relevant and covetable is crucial for watch brands, his collaborations serve as a reminder that embracing a strong will to adapt and evolve is essential.

What this means is, by utilizing the most iconic products from the past and infusing them with a bolder and edgier design approach, Bamford reinvigorates these timepieces, breathing new life into them and capturing the attention of watch enthusiasts worldwide.

A is for Aesthetics

Building upon the success of their 2021 collaboration, Chopard and Bamford Watch Department have once again created an exclusive edition that showcases the powerhouses’ shared passion for racing, with the design of the “Desert Racer” edition acting as a testament to its meticulous attention to detail and innovative spirit.

And from the moment I put the new Mille Miglia on my wrist, I was surprised by its subtle yet very thoughtful design, weightless case, and incredible ergonomics (thanks to its short, streamlined lugs). On a more personal note: It is really very difficult to make a watch with a 43mm diameter and topped with a black aluminum graduated inlay bezel look on my wrist not as a giant plate, but this Mille Miglia pulls it off.

The combination of orange, gray, and black details, which showcase Bamford’s signature color scheme, adds a dynamic aesthetic to the watch and evokes the adrenaline-fueled atmosphere of the racetrack. The oversized Arabic numerals at 6 and 12 o’clock, enhanced with black Super-LumiNova further improve the timepiece’s legibility, ensuring that it remains functional even in high-speed, high-pressure situations.

Yet, despite its obvious good looks, what struck me the most was the use of bead-blasted titanium, a lightweight yet durable material, that ensures the perfect balance between form and function. The powder-like, grainy-looking dial looks soft but at the same time robust thanks to its uncommon texture. This shift towards a more daring design philosophy resonates with me and probably with a generation that craves individuality and self-expression.

Meanwhile, its integrated rubber strap has a refined look of woven fabric and is secured by a folding clasp made from DLC bead-blasted steel, completing the watch’s contemporary aesthetic. And with water-resistance up to 100 meters and a screw-down caseback, the Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Bamford Edition “Desert Racer” proves its reliability and ability to withstand even the harshest environments.

Finally, at the heart of this extraordinary timepiece beats the Chopard 01.08-C movement, a mechanical self-winding engine that boasts chronometer-certified accuracy and an approximate 60-hour power reserve that drives the hours, minutes, seconds, and date functions. Developed, produced, and assembled entirely in Chopard’s watchmaking workshops, the movement ensures high precision and performance.

Final Thoughts

The era of playing it safe is rapidly coming to a close; the free spirit of the Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Bamford Edition “Desert Racer” proves that. And I, for one, am looking forward to when a bolder and more progressive approach to watchmaking will be in its ascendence because, when that happens, we can expect to see an influx of captivating and boundary-pushing timepieces like this one.

For more information about the Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Bamford Edition “Desert Racer,” visit either or Chopard’s website.

(Photography by Pierre Vogel)

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