Dubai Watch Week: Chopard Alpine Eagle Summit
Dubai Watch Week

Dubai Watch Week: Chopard’s New Alpine Eagle Summit is a Dazzling Triumph

This week, Caroline-Marie Scheufele, the visionary force behind Chopard’s watchmaking division, unveiled the first collection she oversaw from start to finish: the Alpine Eagle Summit collection. A manifestation of creative prowess, it is the first high jewelry collection within the Alpine Eagle line and pushes the boundaries of gem-set watches while honoring Scheufele family tradition.

By Ash Longet
PR & Business Development

The Alpine Eagle collection from Chopard, celebrated for its seamless blending of natural inspiration with Swiss craftsmanship, welcomed a new series of 41mm models at the 2023 edition of Dubai Watch Week, the Alpine Eagle Summit collection.

These timepieces, which feature luminous dials and, for the first time, gemstone-set bezels, redefine the artistry of watchmaking, and Caroline-Marie Scheufele, Chopard’s Product Manager, was the one to meticulously oversee every aspect of the Alpine Eagle Summit’s creation. “After obtaining my GIA certification a few years ago, it has been a remarkable journey to expand my portfolio,” Caroline-Marie told Watchonista. “The Alpine Eagle collection provides a canvas for expressing creativity and skills with various components and interpretations.”

Part of the third generation of the Scheufele family (who are renowned as jewelers and watchmakers) to explore the boundaries of the Alpine Eagle collection’s DNA, Caroline-Marie’s vision for the Summit seamlessly merges jewelry and watchmaking, drawing on her extensive experience in both realms. Moreover, the challenge of working within the limited space of the bezel showcases her creative imagination. However, her choice of using precious materials like gold instead of steel underscores Caroline-Marie’s commitment to the collection’s enduring beauty.

Alpine Eagle Evolution

Since its revival in 2019, the Alpine Eagle family has garnered accolades for its textured dials inspired by the natural colors of the Alpine landscape. Similarly, each model in the new Summit series tells a unique story.

First, the yellow gold “Golden Peak” version draws inspiration from Mont Blanc’s rocky summit, thusly named by the 19th-century scientist James David Forbes due to the massif’s golden shimmer.

Next, the rose gold timepiece features a “Pink Dawn” dial, evoking the early morning sunlight over the mountains.

Finally, there are two white gold models: First, there is the “Vals Grey” version with a silvery dial surrounded by a gradient of tsavorites set into the bezel meant to recall the soft colors of Alpine forests.

Lastly, the white gold “Zinal Blue” model features a mesmerizing color-changing dial achieved via PVD coating technology and is a testament to Caroline-Marie’s dedication to innovation.

“The color-changing dial on the Zinal Blue model was an exciting project. It needed a bit more creative work and research to perfect, but it was made 100% in-house utilizing layers of different PVD coating technologies to create a chameleon effect,” explained Caroline-Marie.

The Art of Gem Setting

As previously mentioned, each Alpine Eagle Summit’s bezel is adorned with meticulously set baguette-cut gemstones, which echo the dial’s color and add a touch of brilliance. This exquisite gem setting is both understated and dazzling, transporting observers to the natural splendor of the Swiss Alps. Moreover, as Caroline-Marie noted, it is also a testament to Chopard’s legacy in the art of gem selection and setting: “Mixing jewelry and watchmaking has always been natural for us, as we have deep experience in both domains, with the L.U.C Metiers d’Art watches or the L.U.C Flying T Twin Ladies, which features a flying Tourbillon and a diamond-set dial and bezel, as good examples of this.

“The Alpine Eagle Summit collection is a perfect combination of both worlds. What was different about this project for me was how the two different crafts intersected. More specifically, because I had to work within the limited space of the bezel, I needed to utilize the creative imagination I acquired while doing jewelry.”

The story of each model is not only told by the dial color but also through its gemstones, with the “Golden Peak” model featuring pink sapphires, the “Zinal Blue” edition sporting nuanced shades of blue and purple sapphires, the “Vals Grey” version flourish under a range of green tsavorites shades, and the “Pink Dawn” iteration boasting white sapphires and spessartites, which carry a distinctive orange hue.

Final Thoughts

The Alpine Eagle Summit collection represents a thrilling fusion of artistry, sustainability, and technical innovation.

Each of these timepieces is more than just a COSC-certified chronometer (powered by the Chopard 01.15-C movement); they are wearable works of art that encapsulates Chopard’s commitment to preserving the natural beauty that has inspired its creations. And as the first project in Chopard’s watchmaking division fully overseen by Caroline-Marie, we think it is a resounding success because it opens the brand to exciting new possibilities in the future.

For more information about the Alpine Eagle Summit, including pricing and availability, visit the Chopard website.

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