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Rolex Daytona Anniversary - Special Thanks

Watchonista could have never done it without the support of friends, leading Auction Houses, collectors and Daytona specialists!

By Watchonista

We wish to warmly thanks all the persons involved:

Aurel Bacs & Christie's Team - www.Christies.com

John Goldberger - www.JohnGoldbergerWatches.com

Philip Stahl - www.RolexPassionReport.com

Pucci Papaleo - www.PucciPapaleo.com

Alfredo Paramicohttp://www.eliteadvisers.com/themes/collectible-watches

Julien Shaerer & Antiquorum's Team - www.Antiquorum.com

Giorgia & Guido Mondani: http://www.collectingwatches.com/en/

Bob Sinclar: http://www.bobsinclar.com/

William Rohr

Eric Giroud: www.ericgiroud.com

Bruce Lee: revo-online.com

Bernhard Bullibeer

And another special thank to Sebastien & Watchonista's Team that now knows a lot about Daytona's!!

As the page will evolve constantly... sure others will follow!


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