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Thanks For The Meme-ories: Our Favorite Watch Memes

Sometimes we get lost in the seriousness and repetitious nature of all the different industries. Although full of news, the watch industry is no different in that it sometimes gets a bit monotonous. Today, let’s break the cycle and take a look at the watch memes that transport us from our everyday drudgery.

By Viviana Shanks

Not all heroes wear capes, and this is the case for the creators of watch memes below. In a constantly evolving world, mixing work with some humor is the best therapy, or should I say the best publicity. Even if sometimes they might hit too close to home, brands, online magazine, and collectors should not be afraid of memes; this is how millennials talk.

But what is a meme? For those living in a cave since 9gag first came to light, a meme is a viral photo or video to which we add text that pokes fun at a cultural symbol or social idea. They are intended to be funny. Often, they are quickly forgotten to make room for a better one later on.


It is the most talked-about topic (read here),  we know. But due to this fact, it also means that it’s the one that inspires the creative minds of meme makers. It’s a subject that we all know way too well yet somehow cannot escape in our collecting journey.

How often do you hear, “Hey man, I’ll get you that steel watch you want this year”? The phrase that keeps you on the “hook” and meant to stop you from seeking out another retailer to procure that what you wish was yours. Then again, it is often untrue, causing our “murderer” instincts to come out.

Patek Philippe watches are incredibly exclusive. As most collectors know, there is a 12-year wait to get your hands on one of their sports models. It’s become so exclusive that joking about waitlists for coffee at the Patek Philippe Boutique almost sounds real.

Mind the partner

It’s a well-known issue that often the only thing that stops a watch collector from acquiring a watch is their “better” half. It’s sometimes such a tremendous affair that some men think it would be wiser to hide the price of the said piece (take it from a lady, it is not). Occasionally, a retailer will even offer a “wife receipt,” with a lower price to avoid fights. But only the most courageous men work tirelessly to convince their wives. And it can be a successful strategy! It's those courageous few who manage to get the greatest of all deals.

The Flipper

We all have that collector friend who is on his 33rd Rolex GMT Pepsi (read here) because he keeps flipping them and overcharging his buyers. Yet, despite waiting three years or more for your Daytona, ‘That Guy’ – the guy who flipped so many that you lost count – still gets the call that you were waiting for. It’s upsetting, and real collectors know the feeling way too well.

The Watchfam

Collecting watches brings us all together as a family. It’s the feeling of being a part of something, bonding through our shared passion. While we may seem aliens to mere mortals, we feel like members of an elite club that appreciates beautiful miniature mechanics. Sometimes, like in all families, we might argue: about watches, which one is best, which one has more legitimacy, etc.… But the truth is, in the end, it only brings us closer together.


Being a collector comes with its lot of crazy stories, from waitlists, grails, to finally getting the call, it is not boring to be a watch collector. Some of them often have no clue how they turned into collectors. They were only buying what their heart desired without a real plan. For some, it turned out great, for others, they end up with more of a cabinet of curiosities.

When the dreaded time to make room for a more significant piece, some collectors have to part with a beloved timepiece, this is when regret can set in. For some, it’s the sentimental value that they miss, others, it’s more the now commercial value of the timepiece they sold that they miss. 

In the end, collectors are happy when the piece they’ve long awaited is finally on its way. It’s a total mix of emotions. While you may be happy at first, it might make you even hungrier for another piece. Then it’s back to square one: the waitlist. 

(Memes courtesy of @nycwatchguy and @wristbiscuit )

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