In Need Of A Smile? Here Is Our Top “Friday Fun” Articles

Need A Laugh? Here Are Five Fun Articles To Raise Your Spirits

Working from home and find yourself with some extra time on your hands? We've gathered five articles that may help to bring a smile.

By Watchonista

In uncertain times like these, sometimes all we need is a good laugh. What better way to get your mind off reality than looking at some of the most “out of the box” articles Watchonista has published?

Choose Your Weapon: Which Watch Hands Would You Take Into A Gladiator Match?

Since you may find yourself with more TV time these days, why not start with a re-watch of the now-iconic Russell Crowe film Gladiator? As a watch enthusiast, imagine watching this film and all of a sudden, the weapons in the arena are in fact, watch hands? If any movie producer is reading this, feel free to take this idea for your next remake. 

Sexy ‘70s: Seven Funky Birds From My Collection – Playlist Included

Self-isolation can also be a fine time to listen to some good tunes. Our Co-Founder, Marco Gabella put together a seventies inspired Spotify playlist paired with some of his favorite vintage watches. An article for your listening and viewing pleasure!

The Summer Of Stranger Things: The Watches To Wear When Fending Off The Mind Flayer

Stranger Things' new season is just around the corner, so this might be the best time to catch up on this retro sci-fi series. While the relatively-young cast doesn’t really wear watches (yet) we have taken the liberty of deciding which watches best fit their personalities.

Bad Moon Rising: Five Watches You Should Never Take Into Space

Space, the final frontier, or perhaps the nicest place to go during a government-mandated quarantine. Before beginning this arduous journey, it's best to make sure your watch is spaceworthy. Here's our selection of watches that are NOT meant to be worn in space.

Crime Time: Our Top Five Scandalous Stories From The Watch World

Today's news isn't focusing much on the epidemic of watch related robberies and general mischief. Luckily, we've gathered five of the best scandalous stories circulating in the watch world. A bit of true crime can certainly distract from life's worries.

BONUS! Click At Your Own Risk! Our Top Five Watches For The Silver Screen's Most Infamous Slashers

This is also a great time to catch up on the scary movies that you told your better half you were “too busy” to watch (but were actually low-key scared). If you're like us, you can pass the time by picturing these on-screen slashers wearing a wide variety of timepieces to match. 

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