TESLAR: The Watch That Makes You Feel Good?

TESLAR: A Watch That Makes You Feel Good?

Suffering from stress, lack of sleep, anxiety, and low energy? Perhaps you’re blaming it all on your boss, but maybe the problem is elsewhere. Perhaps the issue is more invisible and omnipresent than you think. TESLAR claims they have the remedy to all that ails you. But does it really work? 

By Viviana Shanks
Social Media Manager and Junior Editor

Nowadays, we're constantly surrounded by technology. We all have mobile phones, Air Pods, Apple Watches, televisions, and constant bombardment by WI-FI, Bluetooth, and other invisible networks that affect our natural electromagnetic field. The truth is, today's society is as connected as it's ever been, and we couldn’t work or be read this article without this technology that's supposedly polluting our psyche and potentially our bodies. Since we can't get rid of the problem, how can we live with it? Well, TESLAR has found a solution that may just do the trick.

What is TESLAR

Part of TIMEX's Group Luxury Division, TESLAR is a Nanotechnology that has been created to counter the effects of man-made electromagnetic fields. The technology is not something new, as Philippe Stein initially commercialized TESLAR. But since the relationship ended TESLAR tried to find ways to come back to the market and decided that it would be wise to re-launch their brand with updated technology, stronger than the initial concept commercialized with Philippe Stein.

TESLAR Re-balance T-2
TESLAR Re-balance T-2

How does it work?

Combining this type of technology in a watch claims to have the potential to combat magnetism with the added benefit of telling the time. The ELF Nanotech chip that is visible from the case back (i.e. a small triangular piece of copper) works in combination with a Swiss Ronda quartz movement and the internal battery to create a natural and unique earth signal that the brand claims to have the potential the reduce effects of electromagnetic pollution.

TESLAR Re-balance T-1

To get scientific, TESLAR claims the electric field from the battery works in harmony with the magnetic field of the coil and creates a “zero-point” waveform with a scalar pulse that mimics the earth's natural frequency of 7-9Hz. While wearing the TESLAR watch, this frequency is pulsed in the body's energy system. The byproduct of these impulses are the supposed benefits of stress and anxiety relief. 

TESLAR Re-balance T-1

But does it work?

When asked about the technology and if there are real benefits, Paolo Marai, CEO of the TIMEX Group Luxury Division said, “In laboratory tests, there is evidence that this chip transmits certain impulse that makes the water of molecular cells react to these impulses, and since we are made out of water, the body should react to this. How much, well that would depend on each individual, there will be individuals that will feel a tremendous benefit, and others will see no change.”

TESLAR Re-balance T-1

While Paolo didn't personally feel the harm of man-made electronic field, he explained the benefits of TESLAR for those who do, “the benefit is helping the body protect your biosphere from electromagnetic pollution, that is the aim of the watch. The impulses will stimulate your body to react.

We all know that even with medicine, not everyone has the same reaction, which is likely the same concept as this watch. It depends; some individuals do not suffer from electromagnetic pollution. For example, some people cannot be in the car with their phones switched on, they have to switch off so they can be in the car, and there are people like me that stay hours on the phone in the car, so I guess I don't suffer from it. “


TESLAR Re-balance T-1

How do I know if it works for me?

How do you know if it works for you? In stores, TESLAR says they'll make available a stress and energy tester, which the brand claims will show the effects with and without the watch so that users can see the potential benefits.

TESLAR Re-balance T-1

About those tests, Marai adds, "We made several tests, with people that had extremely high levels of stress, and molecular levels of energy and all the lines crossed with each other, and by wearing the watch, the lines started being more parallel as they should be. The stress line goes down, and the energy line goes up."

TESLAR Re-balance T-1

This technology has an expiry date, and when the chip will no longer work, first the wearer will feel the effects diminish, then the Nanotech chip becomes black the "protection" aspect of the watch will cease to function. However, the Quartz movement will continue to tick. But rest assured, it is straightforward to change the chip, and the timepiece can then theoretically last forever.

The TESLAR Collection

Whether or not you believe the science, for the price and the style on offer, TESLAR might be worth the shot. Just re-launched, TESLAR has one primary collection with three lines called Re-Balance. The name speaks for itself as it's the primary purpose of the timepiece.

TESLAR Re-balance T-1 chrono
TESLAR Re-balance T-1 chrono

The Re-Balance collection is separated in three lines from simple hour minute to a sporty chronograph. All of them are equipped with the nanotechnology that you can spot on the back of the watch (i.e. the copper triangle). On the front, at six o'clock, a similar shape, but only as a symbol and seconds indicator.

TESLAR Re-balance T-1 on the wrist

Water-resistant to water up to 50 meters (or 165ft) and equipped with a quick change spring bar. Should you not see the benefits of TESLAR, at least you can feel fashionable since the watches are quite attractive. Priced at $595 to $ 2,695 it's an excellent price for your well-being and stylish to boot.

TESLAR Re-balance T-1 on the wrist

(Photography by Liam O'Donnell)

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