No Shade: Six 2020 Launches That Prove You Can Wear White After Labor Day

No Shade: Six 2020 Launches That Prove You Can Wear White After Labor Day

If we’ve learned anything from recent 2020 releases, it’s that fashion rules no longer apply.

By Rhonda Riche

In fashion, the concept of “seasons” has become increasingly irrelevant with houses presenting pre-fall, cruise, and pre-spring collections in between the traditional shows.

Watchmakers are also taking note. For example, in the last days of summer, brand launched a number of eye-popping, pale timepieces, despite the longstanding societal maxim about not wearing white after Labor Day. And we’re all in!

Winter White

We already discussed the new Ulysse Nardin Blast Collection in-depth (read HERE). But just one week after the series launched, the maison announced a new addition: The Sparkling Blast. This watch is already an unorthodox watch with its 45mm size and its use of unusual materials such as its UN-172 movement with platinum micro-rotor and 2.5 Hz Silicium flying automatic tourbillon. But it also features a stunning total of 211 diamonds to give it the appearance of a shattered mirror.

An extremely limited edition of just three pieces, the Sparkling Blast is white gold and comes on a white rubber strap with a diamond-encrusted clasp. Available now, this blanc beauty is priced at $410,000.

Ice Ice Baby

The Big Bang Unico Sang Bleu II Titanium White and King Gold White models are the two latest iterations of the successful creative partnership between Hublot and typographer-tattoo artist Maxime Plescia-Büchi.

While we most often associate ink with black or blue shades (read HERE), these 45mm masterpieces are notable for exploring the spaces between the lines with cool materials such as titanium and a white rubber strap. The King Gold White, especially, melts the formula with the warm touch of King Gold.

The Sang Bleu II Titanium White's sculptural shapes and sapphire glass also remind us of an iceberg, with its frozen surfaces chipped away. And what could be more cold-weather appropriate?

The Big Bang Unico Sang Bleu II Titanium White and the King Gold White were both released in August and priced at $25,200 for the Titanium version and $47,300 for the King Gold.

Two Tone

If you need a little more contrast on your wrist, Breitling brings it with the Endurance Pro (read more about it HERE).

Part of a colorful collection of athleisure-inspired, lightweight, everyday sports chronographs, the white inner bezel and matching Diver Pro rubber strapped version especially appeals to a work-hard/play-hard-from-home vibe.

The Breitling Endurance Pro is not only light in color, but also in weight. The 44mm Breitlight case and a thermo-compensated SuperQuartz movement (which Breitling boasts is ten times more accurate than a conventional quartz movement) make the watch ultralight, extra comfortable, and extremely precise.

High Contrast

While style rules are no longer black and white, the latest launches from Zenith prove that opposites attract.

Last month, the brand released two new timepieces featuring new case designs with micro-blasted matte black ceramic cases enhanced by white ceramic bezels: The Defy 21 and Defy Classic Black & White.

The Defy 21 houses the El Primero 9004 automatic movement with a white 1/100th of a second scale and a 30-minute chronograph counter set against the blackened movement.

Both watches always come with a black and white Cordura strap and an optional textured black rubber strap for a more understated look. Not only does this contrast make them easy to read, but it also projects a lot of wrist presence over Zoom meetings and while social distancing.

The Defy 21 Black & White retails for $13,600, while the Defy Classic Black & White is priced at $8,200. Both are available exclusively at Zenith boutiques and the e-shop from August 31, 2020.

(Photography by Watchonista)

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