Introducing The Limited Edition G-SHOCK MR-G Kachi-Iro Collection

#Winning: Introducing The Limited Edition G-SHOCK MR-G Kachi-Iro Collection

This duo of luxury timepieces is inspired by the deep blue hue favored by samurai warriors.

By Rhonda Riche

Sure, you can get a G-SHOCK for under $40. But it’s the thoughtfulness of Casio’s premium MR-G collection that makes collectors feel comfortable shelling out four figures for a limited edition timepiece that is neither mechanical nor made of precious metals.

G-SHOCK’s MR-G family draws on traditional Japanese crafts and traditions to elevate its sports watches into true luxury timepieces. Each edition tells a story while at the same time advancing the brand’s history through technological innovation. And the just-released, limited-edition MR-G Kachi-Iro Collection is the latest chapter in G-SHOCK’s book of horological delights.

Am I Blue?

When I think of Japan, I picture the color blue. The hue is a popular choice for glazed ceramics, fine art (think aizuri-e woodblock prints), and indigo-dyed clothing. It is an auspicious color, symbolizing coolness and fidelity, which explains why many modern office workers dress in blue.

Historically, Japan’s traditional colors trace back to the Asuka period and the Twelve Level Cap and Rank System of rank and social hierarchy. This guide was established in 603 AD and was based on the five Chinese elements — water, wood, metal, fire, and air. Colors classified as kinjiki were restricted for use in the robes of the highest-ranking government officials only. And colors permitted for use by commoners were known as yurushiiro.

That brings us to the deep navy blue known as kachi-iro. This blue hue symbolizes more than just rank; it is the Japanese color for victory that was sacred to traditional samurai warriors.

These two timepieces – the MRGB2000B-1A and the MRGB2000R-1A – are both accented in this bold, deep blue to project Japanese strength and aesthetics. Additionally, the inner surface of the bezel, inset dials, and logo all incorporate the bold kachi-iro color as well.

Combined with G-SHOCK’s commitment to absolute toughness and cutting-edge technical features such as Tough Movement, Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping, and Bluetooth connectivity, this pair can’t lose.

In the Navy

In the West, much of our knowledge about samurai and the bushidō moral code comes from Akira Kurosawa films starring Toshiro Mifune. Most of these movies are set in the Tokugawa period (1600-1868) and depict centuries-old tales of heroism and conflict.

And both models in the new MR-G Kachi-Iro collection feature designs that speak to the honor of the samurai and other Japanese traditions. For example, the outer face of the MRGB2000B-1A resembles the folds of a fan. And on the MRGB2000R-1A, the finish of the recrystallized titanium bezel resembles a blade’s nie (or the pattern that forms along the temper line of a Japanese sword).

Kachi-iro was also often used on armor and helmets. As a tribute to these protective pieces, the MRGB2000B-1A boasts a full metal band. Plus, a traditional Japanese scale pattern decorates the dial surface, while the concave surfaces of the hour markers recall the curved shape of a samurai sword.

The MRGB2000R-1A is presented on a durable fluorine rubber band with a distinctive Bishamon tortoiseshell finish – another ancient Japanese symbol of strength in Japan. Both models are hardened further with a layered titanium case.

If you are a traveling rōnin, the dedicated MR-G Connected app will give you access to a 300-city world time expansion and a unique phone finder function that allows users to ping their smartphone from the watch to locate it (if it’s within range).

The MRGB2000B-1A and MRGB2000R-1A each cost $3,000 and are available now at select G-SHOCK retailers, the G-SHOCK Soho Store, and

(Images © Casio G-SHOCK)

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