Modernist Reinterpretation Of Time: The Louis Erard x Alain Silberstein Regulato

When Bauhaus Meets Watchmaking: The New Louis Erard x Alain Silberstein Regulator

Rethinking their entire strategy, Louis Erard has partnered with watchmaker and renowned architect Alain Silberstein. And for the first time in their history gave Silberstein carte blanche on the design side.

By Viviana Shanks

Founded in 1929, Louis Erard is mostly known for its original, horologically important, yet accessible watches. Their collections are usually classic, easily wearable under a cuff, and under the radar. But what happens when you give all the freedom in the world to an architect which fancies himself a watchmaker?

A brand-new strategy 

Since its relaunch in 2003, Louis Erard follows a path of being inspired by haute horlogerie while remaining relatively affordable. To stay on the accessible side, Louis Erard still uses ETA movements throughout their collections. Yet with each new novelty, the brand is always working towards a new way to express each complication, such as power reserve regulators, moon phases, and chronographs, Louis Erard develops in-house modules in Le Noirmont in the heart of Jura. With this piece, Louis Erard makes a glorious return to the mid-range segment.

Taking a spot at the heart of Louis Erard collection, the regulator is still the most significant complication in the watchmaker's playbook. It also opens the door to new collaborations to create unusual pieces that open the conversation. 

Expressive Style 

Under its fun looks, you might think it's a simple watch. But what lies beneath a Louis Erard regulator is far more profound than the first appearance may lead you to believe. This watch is the first example of Louis Erard's new strategy. It represents that the watchmaker is more dedicated than ever to create accessible watches. 

Cased in the 40mm stainless-steel case, an exclusive calibre ETA Peseux Movement 7001 is paired with the Louis Erard RE9 complication – the Regulator. What does a Regulator do? It separates the indications of the hours, minutes, and seconds to increase the chronometric accuracy. It has been at the heart of Louis Erard's watches since the brand's relaunch in 2003, and it has quickly become the brand's signature. 

We have always positioned ourselves at the entry point to the market of Swiss mechanical excellence. The regulator is the perfect example of this tradition CEO Alain Spinedi

Inspired by modern art's Bauhaus movement, the Louis Erard x Alain Silberstein Regulator is available both with a black dial or white dial. The design is playful and eye-catching but geometrically simple. At first glance, we see the minute hand in the shape of an arrow in the center of the timepiece. Then, on the upper part of the dial on a separate circle, the hour is indicated by a large red triangle. You will find the running seconds on the lower part of the dial, shown with a serpentine hand. 

Alain Silberstein says he was inspired by a time when building clocks would only show the time with one hand. But also, the famous Mondaine Swiss train station clocks were a huge inspiration. Simple, yet perfectly understandable and precise. It stays true to Alain's style with a rainbow of evocative colors and innovative materials. 

The architect transformed into watchmaker 

Born in 1950, Alain Silberstein started his career as an interior architect and designer in Paris. His career took a turn when he began to study watchmaking in Besançon in France. During the quartz crisis, he became part of the watchmakers that revived mechanical watches thanks to innovative features and striking designs. His brand created multiple unique watches until he decided to close the workshop in 2012. Since then, he often collaborates with high-end manufactures and now with Louis Erard. 

Never having designed a Regulator watch before, it seemed like it was the perfect match between Alain and Louis Erard. Having "carte blanche" with no rules for the design can sometimes be quite tricky. But Alain took up the challenge and delivered. His recognizable geometrics designs still present well on this timepiece.

The Louis Erard x Alain Silberstein Regulators are limited to just 178 pieces, with a price of around 2'900 CHF. The pieces are set to be quickly sold out!

(Photography by Pierre Vogel)

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