A. Favre & Fils Teases Their Mechanical Cryptocurrency Vault/Watch

Video: A. Favre & Fils Teases Their Mechanical Cryptocurrency Vault/Watch

Total privacy is the new luxury. Could a mechanical watch be the solution? In our day and age, our personal data is everywhere to be seen...and misused. A.Favre & Fils looks to change the conversation.

By Benjamin Teisseire
Editor & Business Development

The internet of things is around the corner. Soon we will be scanned constantly so that we are offered a better, simpler, faster life... or so we are told. Wouldn’t it be great if we could decide for ourselves what we want to share and when?

This is the vision that Laurent Favre and his team at A.Favre & Fils are developing. They wish to make mechanical watchmaking relevant in our digital age. His mechanical savoir-faire is undeniable as he showed when he relaunched his family business A.Favre et Fils in 2008. It seems the idea of a meaningful convergence between traditional watchmaking and technology has a lot of very influential people convinced in both industries as you will find out in the official announcement below.

As far as the product is concerned…we will have to wait. But here is a video teaser to get our mouths watering. Intriguing indeed.

Watch the trailer

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A. Favre & Fils creates the first Swiss handcrafted mechanical timepiece with a built-in crypto-currency cold wallet and state of the art proprietary security solution.

A. Favre & Fils, the ten-generation watchmaking company is really proud to announce the conception of the first ever Swiss handcrafted mechanical timepiece with a built-in crypto-currency cold wallet and state-of-the-art security solution. By doing so, the company merges 300 years of fine watchmaking “savoir-faire” and innovation bringing together the worlds of fine horology, mechatronics and cryptology in a unique next-generation timepiece.

“I am very excited about this new piece and the vision it creates for the Swiss watchmaking industry. I am particularly proud of the great board of advisors we can count on for this very innovative project we are working on. Our team is composed by luxury watchmaking experts and a world-class board of advisors including Stephen Urquhart, Ex-President and CEO of Omega Group for 17 years and Oliver Bussmann, former Group CIO of UBS and SAP and one of the most influential blockchain expert”, comments Laurent Favre, A. Favre & Fils CEO. “We have developed this first timepiece with the idea of offering something useful for the crypto-community, not simply something to spend their money on.”

The new watch incorporates Blockchain technology and proprietary state-of-the-art security expertise to guarantee ultimate in-data security and privacy protection. The base of the device is a very fine watchmaking timepiece, hand-finished and equipped with an in-house manually wound mechanical movement.

The first prototype will be revealed during the second quarter of 2019… #what_is_the_missing_link

Contact: contact@afavrefils.com