Tudor Pelagos Diver Watch

The Ultimate Test by Watchonista

During Baselworld 2012, we had the chance to allow you to discover as a preview the fantastic Black Bay and the great Pelagos.

By Malik Bahri

A few weeks ago, the Watchonista team was entrusted with a Tudor Pelagos to lead the “Ultimate Toolwatch Experience.” The website’s logo was engraved on the case back for the occasion, and of course it triggered a fratricidal battle for the opportunity to wear it!

Only one Pelagos for the whole team!

It’s a comfortable and easy timepiece for daily wear, legible in all conditions, it fits any outfit, environment or lighting! In a word, it´s a perfect watch?

Obviously, the horological web share our opinion and many buyers are struggling to get it before anyone else.

Tudor Pelagos seems to be the most remarkable watch of the year 2012. Why?

First, it is a back-to-basics of the Rolex group’s product policy. It represents the rebirth of the Spartan tool-watch, with complex specifications and a razor-sharp execution.

Then, contrary to many highlights from the 2000’s, its price of about 4000CHF makes it affordable to a vast majority of watch-lovers.

Likewise, its reasonable 42-mm diameter,  and its discreet look (enhanced by a matte bezel and a brushed titanium watchcase) makes it a very versatile watch, easy to wear for any occasion and by everyone. You will not risk shocking your interlocutors or attracting unwanted attention.

And lastly, it complies with all traditional dive watch specifications. All the well-informed from the horological web  (bloggers, moderators, forumers) join the Watchonista team, deem it the perfect toolwatch!

But most of us are merely watch-lovers; we are not really fit to pass judgment and in any event we are far too attached to beautiful watches to be able to consider this piece objectively.

So we have decided to ask the opinion of professionals who work in extreme conditions and are not linked to the watchmaking world; we asked them to express their judgment based on each of the following criteria: 


Time to access the information


Bracelet’s ease of operation

Apparent sturdiness

Versatility and comfort in all conditions

So, the Pelagos will be entrusted to three diving specialists: A diver, a spelunker and a skydiver! 

They will make a photo-journalistic report featuring the Pelagos in their respective environments and share their impressions with us!

2013 Ultimate Tool Watch Test:

Stage 1: Scuba diving

Date: December 16, 2012

Location: Lutry, Switzerland  46° 30′ 11″ Nord -  6° 41′ 10″ Est   

Diver: Jeremie Troyon (www.maui-diving.ch)

This first test, due will take place in tough-as-ice winter conditions requiring the use of suits. So we used the rubber strap extension.

Let me introduce myself : I am Jeremie Troyon, 35, Swiss. I’ve been passionate about diving all my life. I even made it a career. Today, I am a professional diving instructor.

As you know, Switzerland has no warm seas, so I generally dive in lakes and I do, in fact, like their cold waters.

Obviously, it’s been years since we switched to dive computers; so, testing this Pelagos was akin to practicing scuba diving back in “Pithecanthropus” times.

Regarding legibility, it is perfect in clear waters, easy and quick to read, data is clear enough to avoid making mistakes…
Unfortunately, conditions were not suited to test the legibility of the watch in reduced visibility conditions: As it might not be as good in murky waters.

Practicability: a great leap backwards compared to the computer! But let me be clear about it, it is like the other timepieces bearing the crown and rose logo, that is, easy and precise to use. For a diving watch! But in real terms, using a diving watch is like driving a vintage Ferrari without any comfort or suspension and a horrible manual gearbox when you are used to pneumatic suspension and an automatic transmission. In sum, it is really easy to use for a diving watch!
As for testing its robustness, given the price of the watch I preferred to be careful. Still, the Pelagos looks sturdy, without loose parts or worrisome sounds, it conveys a feeling of durability with high quality finishes. Of course, it was made in Switzerland.
Its strong point compared to dive computers, is that it is wearable in any circumstance: at a marriage, during an interview with one’s banker, or to practice paragliding. It is indeed a very fine piece, but unfortunately, I have other priorities right now...
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