The new PanoMatic Luna from Glashütte Original

A Kiss in Time: The Passion and Precision of Glashütte Original‘s New PanoMatic Luna

The “International Day of the Kiss” is upon us, and Glashütte Original is celebrating it with a brand new moon phase and a nod to the color of love.

By Barbara Palumbo

“We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine.” – Eduardo Galeano

It is true that so many special things in life start first with a kiss. Think about it; a traditional marriage ceremony isn’t complete unless the officiant gives the signal for the groom to kiss the bride. The act of conceiving a child (spoiler alert!) usually begins with a couple locking lips. And in many countries, a kiss on the cheek or cheeks (sometimes thrice, amiright, Switzerland?) is considered as standard and as normal as a handshake. And yet other than in symbolist paintings by Gustav Klimt or marble sculptures by Auguste Rodin, kissing didn’t nearly get the attention it deserved, at least, until the year 2006 when the “International Day of the Kiss” (otherwise known as “World Kissing Day”) was created.

The International Day of the Kiss is a worldwide celebration of all things related to the act of putting two lips together. Whether those kisses are made between you and your lover or you just want to celebrate the friends and family members you tend to smooch on a regular basis, every year, on July 6th, you can pucker up all you’d like without anyone judging you for your public displays of affection. And this year, if you’re a watch lover, you have an even bigger reason to be grateful for World Kissing Day, because German watch brand Glashütte Original has introduced their new limited edition PanoMatic Luna women’s timepiece just in time to celebrate the International Day of the Kiss.

“When in doubt, wear red.” – Bill Blass

Limited to fifty pieces, the new PanoMatic Luna in stainless steel is being released in the color that best represents love, passion, romance, and desire: red. The dial of the watch – crafted in softly-hued mother-of-pearl – is accented at the 2 o’clock position with a beautifully curved-outward, open crescent moon which showcases the watch’s elegant moon phase display, created at the company’s dial manufacturer in Pforzheim, Germany. Equally as charming are the watch’s nine ruby-set indexes offering sparks of bright red color on the opposite side of the crescent moon which serve as a frame for the off-center hour and minute display. To match the lip-colored rubies (of which there are eighteen in total), Glashütte Original selected a vibrant crimson Louisiana alligator leather strap accompanied by a stainless steel pin buckle, making for a fit on the wrist as comfortable as a lover’s embrace.

The watch’s 39.4mm case is slightly larger than we often see today’s women’s watches, but a larger case on a feminine watch such as this one allows for more diamonds on the bezel (sixty-four to be exact!), which in this case adds fire to a timepiece that already gives off a certain sensuality. And just like with any moving thing in this world, the PanoMatic Luna wouldn’t be able to operate without the “heart” that beats inside of it.

Peeking out from the watch’s transparent sapphire crystal case back like an unexpected peck on the cheek is Glashütte Original’s own Calibre 90-12 automatic movement which has an oscillating frequency of 28,800 vph and a forty-two-hour power reserve (just in case those kisses lead to extended periods of “relaxation”). Additional details of the limited edition PanoMatic Luna include the “Panorama Date” at the 4 o’clock mark (which of course is the staple characteristic of this specific watch model), skeletonized rotor with 21KT gold oscillation weight, duplex swan-neck fine adjustment, and screw balance with eighteen weighted screws. Oh, and just in case you plan on doing your kissing underwater for the International Day of the Kiss, the PanoMatic Luna is water resistant to 30 meters.

“A man’s kiss is his signature.” – Mae West

While not every woman who might wear the new PanoMatic Luna will immediately understand the importance of an extended power reserve or the value of the details put into making the Glashütte decorative finishes, every woman – heck, every person – on the planet understands the importance of the act of kissing. From the time we’re babies, our wish is to always be shown love and adoration through an act as simple as placing lips to skin. Even in our current age and with all our technological advancements, we still end our Facetime calls, telephone conversations, and even text messages by blowing kisses, making the sound of a kiss, or typing out little kiss emojis.

Kissing is good for us. It’s good for our health – both emotionally and mentally – and it’s good for our souls. You don’t have to be wealthy to kiss, nor do you have to be popular. Every person on this planet is capable of kissing, and on July 6th, let’s hope we all take the time to show those we love just how important kissing them actually is.

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