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Hitting The Redline: The New TAG Heuer Carrera Chronosprint x Porsche

The latest models of the TAG Heuer x Porsche collaboration bring even more dynamic dashboard-inspired details to the wrist.

By Mike Espindle
Executive Editor

Watch executive Jack Heuer’s attendance at a Carrera Panamericana race in Mexico in the 1950s kicked off his obsession with the model name: “When I heard the word ‘Carrera’ for the first time, I thought, ‘That is a perfect name...,’” he commented in a recent documentary. After taking the reins of the company, Jack Heuer’s first Carrera timepiece debuted in 1963.

Similarly, German automaker Porsche understood the romance of the Carrera moniker, and started using it as a model name in 1954 for the 356 A roadster. The Carrera designation ultimately found its way into the legendary Porsche 911 line, where it remains.

While the shared “Carrera” connection evolved separately with both companies, and there were occasional collaborations (there was a notable mid-1980s engine development collab between Porsche and TAG Heuer), that strong intersection wasn’t officially recognized until the two brands’ formal partnership was announced in 2021. That match-up, even though young, has proven to be one of the most fruitful car/watch programs in history.

From its dynamic debut pieces to show-stopping watch conclave unveilings in 2022 and 2023 to special edition releases rooted in both racing heritage and fast-moving style, the partnership continues to evolve, always wowing the watch fan public.

Golden Times, But Much More...

Released today, the two new TAG Heuer Carrera Chronosprint x Porsche models take the collaboration another lap down the track with a racing-inspired re-envisioning in both classic race-ready steel and sophisticated 18K 5N rose gold! But the added golden allure is only the beginning of the story.

Hey, there’s a new automatic movement, too, and it’s a doozy. The TH20-08, derived from the TH20 movement, which was only just debuted at Watches & Wonders this year, ups the precision factor with an ode to a very specific Porsche 911 progenitor, the Porsche 901.

The 901, in particular, is known for its uncanny tachometer gauge, which swiftly rides up to redline when accelerating, then slowly decelerates to the actual RPM figure.

Through the use of two snail-shaped wheels, one devoted to the central hand deceleration, the new TAG Heuer Chronosprint x Porsche mimics that “revving” engine look-and-feel when the chronograph is sparked, jumping immediately to redline with a leisurely 60-second slow-down that essentially reverse-counts the first chronograph minute before re-revving with a lightning-fast restart for the ensuing minutes. I’ll just say it: If you are a racing fan, there is nothing quite like it.

Racing Red

That drama plays out on a special red multi-stripe tach gauge that runs from 12 to 4 o’clock on an outer dial flange, picking up numerals from the 901 vehicle’s legendary 9.1-second 0-to-100km giddy-up.

Further knowing, race-critical red details abound throughout the watch design. The 6 o’clock, 60-second counter references 1970s era Porsche speedos that highlighted the region around 50km/h as recommended urban street speeds.

The 12-hour tallier at 9 o’clock also echoes tachometer redline badging, starting at 6.8 hours (in reference to a performance engine’s 6,800 rpm limit). All the sub-dial hands are in bold red, as well. Lumed hands and a date aperture that overlays the one-minute counter at 6 o’clock complete the technical tool watch nature of both.

However, just to show off more, TAG has brought the vintage-inspired “glassbox” domed crystal from its recent Watches & Wonders Carreras to these new collaborative timepieces.

With so much action taking place along the outer edge of the dial, the heritage crystal approach’s magnification effect takes on even more prominence and meaning. A case back “glassbox” crystal gives equal special visibility to the intricate new movement.

A Speedy Selection

The 42mm gold case version features an elegant beige dial and comes on a classic smooth brown leather strap embossed with a subtle, original “911” logo near the bottom lugs. The 42mm steel execution uses a shimmery silver dial as its primary canvas and black embossed leather for its strap.

Both versions evoke the intended spirit this collaboration advances: Heritage inspiration, envelope-pushing precision wrist theater, and unfussy modern styling.

Expect to pay $9,200 for the steel version and $23,550 for the gold version as these watches hit TAG Heuer retailers and the brand’s website today.

“The watch perfectly encapsulates the essence of the motorsports universe, which is a shared value in our partnership with Porsche,” said TAG Heuer CEO Frédéric Arnault.

He continued: “We have seamlessly merged the heritage of the 911 and the TAG Heuer Carrera, leveraging cutting-edge technology and unique design. It is a testament to our shared values of precision, innovation, and a deep appreciation for our respective histories.”

For more information, please visit the TAG Heuer website.

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