Harry Winston Ocean Sport Ladies' Chronograph

A winter wonder with ice blue and pure white shades, the Harry Winston’s Ocean Sport™Lady is as unique as a snow flake can be.
Indeed, this chronograph offers an avalanche of subtle and intriguing mixes, which gives it a very eclectic and adaptable personality.
Starting with the rounded watchcase made of an aluminum and zirconium alloy, introduced in the watchmaking industry by the Harry Winston manufactory, during the development of the Project Z series: the Zalium™. As hard as ice, difficult to polish, but so ethereal: it is a feat of weightlessness!
Hence, it is a suitable material more than comfortable when worn on the delicate wrists of sports women in motion.
Ocean Sport™Lady lives between breaks and mobility, in the frenzied pace of our lives.
Just as its bezel, which could portray the woman we all want to be:  both efficient in the accuracy required by the management of the sequences that compose the life of a working woman, and yet for a quarter of her time abandoned to the pleasure of a rare elegance when the time for seduction and romance has come.
Why should we be one or the other, when Harry Winston offers us the privilege of being both at the same time, dynamic and sophisticated?
Because here again, the purity of the stones used by the master hands of the best jewel setters in watchmaking, is unrivaled throughout the world, more crystalline than the frozen water beads from the original ice field, since the manufactory owes the perception of its triumph to its diamonds.
9 diamonds, with their harmonious brilliance, reinforce the refinement of this watch and echo the gems set on the sconces, just like the rounded shapes of the dial and the disks carrying the movement of a breathtaking time, between originality and authenticity.
This winter, Harry Winston presents an uncompromising watch, striving to balance elegance with excellence, representing the charm of womanliness.

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