The New Greubel Forsey GMT Earth Titanium Limited Edition

Greubel Forsey Unveils A Stunning GMT Earth Limited Edition In Titanium

Physical lightness and visual clarity on the menu as the high-end Swiss brand brings out a thoroughly contemporary edition of its iconic world-timer.

By Steven Rogers

It’s been ten years since Greubel Forsey released its first GMT timepiece, one of the high-end Swiss brand’s first creations where the focus wasn’t solely on the tourbillon, and the main complication was more than just a power reserve indicator.

In the decade since, the GMT has become one of the company’s most iconic watches thanks to its spectacular three-dimensional titanium globe with day-night indicator that lets the wearer intuitively know the time anywhere in the world with one quick glance.

Moreover, the globe at 7 o’clock is accompanied by a second time zone indicator at 10 o’clock, offset hours and minutes at 1 o’clock, small seconds at 2 o’clock, power reserve indicator at 3 o’clock, and fast-rotating, 24-second inclined tourbillon at 5 o’clock. Plus, the caseback disk indicates UTC Universal and Summertime for 24 cities in the major time zones.

Early GMTs were presented in precious metal cases. Then Greubel Forsey used the original, triple-patented GMT format to launch its first sports watch in 2015, the GMT Black with a stealthy black gold dial and black ADLC titanium case.

Four years later, the brand combined the GMT concept with titanium for a second time when it unveiled the GMT Sport, with a repositioned tourbillon, central hours and minutes, and ergonomically shaped Grade 5 titanium case. This was followed up earlier this year with a GMT Sport boasting an integrated titanium bracelet.

Strength, Lightness, and Biocompatibility

Today, Greubel Forsey has chosen to harness the properties of titanium – strength, lightness and non-allergenic – and apply them to its GMT once more. This time the brand is using its GMT Earth as the platform to do it.

First launched in 2018, the GMT Earth is Greubel Forsey’s GMT design that most fully showcases that remarkable world-time globe by ensuring it remains visible from pretty much all angles, with both northern and southern hemispheres on show.

For a start, the sapphire crystal over the dial extends downwards into the caseband, where there is also a curved sapphire porthole. And on the caseback, the presence of another bulbous sapphire crystal affords views of the South Pole of the titanium globe, which looks like it is suspended in mid-air.

Clean and Contemporary

The utilization of titanium for the globe, movement bridges, case, crown, GMT pusher, and deployant buckle drastically reduces the weight of the overall timepiece to 117g. Not bad when you consider this is a 450-component movement housed in a 45.5mm case.

It is not just physical lightness that is a theme with this titanium GMT Earth, but also visual lightness and clarity.

The hand-frosted bridges provide a sober, anthracite backdrop to set off the gilded gears and two-tone displays, each featuring light grey numerals on a blackened background or – in the case of the hours, minutes, and small seconds – a transparent sapphire ring. Framing the indications is a black sapphire bezel emblazoned with Greubel Forsey’s cardinal values in French. ​

And let’s remember, this is a Greubel Forsey timepiece, so the decoration is some of the best around, with bridges beveled and polished by hand. Surfaces have also been embellished with straight-graining, black polishing, and spotting.

All in all, when you add the black, anthracite, and light grey color scheme of the movement, case, and dial to the choice of subtle hand-finishing, it helps calm down the busyness, producing a very clean and contemporary GMT.

Pricing & Availability

The Greubel Forsey GMT Earth in natural titanium is an 11-piece limited edition, with price available upon request. While the brand announced last month that it would be discontinuing all animal-based straps from the beginning of 2022 onward, the GMT is currently available on a natural rubber or hand-sewn alligator leather strap.

For more information, please visit the Greubel Forsey website.

(Photography by Pierre Vogel)

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