Enter Ultraman, the Omega Speedy Tuesday 2018 Edition

Enter Ultraman, the OMEGA Speedy Tuesday 2018 Edition

This morning, fans and collectors of Omega woke up at the crack of dawn to discover that Omega had indeed released a new Speedmaster, and not just any, a Speedy Tuesday with some interesting provenance. As of writing, all pieces are now spoken for.

By Josh Shanks
Managing Editor US

Well that was quick! Just as sales ceased for last year’s edition, Omega dropped a new Speedy Tuesday!

The ‘Speedy Tuesday’ Speedmaster Limited Edition 42 mm "Ultraman"

That’s quite a mouthful! But let’s break it down. This new limited edition uses the Speedmaster Moon Watch as a base and builds to a crescendo of orange and alien accents.

You see, the “Ultraman” reference harkens back to an old Japanese television show aptly titled ‘Return of Ultraman’. In this show, a vintage 1970’s Speedmaster was chosen by producers to be included in a monster-fighting kit. For years, collectors and comic book fanatics have cherished the Speedmaster Ultraman because of its unique orange seconds hand.


For the 2018 ‘Ultraman’ edition, Omega has parlayed the Speedy Tuesday craze to elevate this model even further.

The new Speedmaster Limited Edition 42 mm "Ultraman" is a 42mm manually wound chronograph. Featuring all of the bells and whistles of the iconic Moon Watch with a few unique touches. First, the seconds hand is colored the same shade of orange as the original. Secondly, the bezel is bi-color with black/orange effect.

Lastly, in a nod to its superhero inspiration, the minute sub-dial has the first three minutes colored in orange. Which is in reference to Ultraman’s superhero-mode, which lasted only three minutes. Like the last Speedy Tuesday, the 2018 edition looks best in the dark. Once exposed to the sun (or a black light), the seconds sub-dial reveals a silhouette of Ultraman! A very fun touch indeed.

Omega didn’t stop at the watch, it would appear they took considerable time and effort to produce a case that’s out of this world. Perhaps my favorite of any Omega case, the ‘Ultraman’ Speedy Tuesday comes in a special Beta Capsule which is identical to the once used by Ultraman in the film. Inside the case, Omega has fitted a UV light that reveals the Ultraman on the 9 o’clock sub-dial. A very cool touch.

The watch is presented on a black and orange NATO strap and comes with a spare black leather strap.

Pricing and Availability

The ‘Speedy Tuesday’ Speedmaster Limited Edition 42 mm "Ultraman" is available exclusively for pre-order through a link on Omega’s Instagram page. We’ve saved you the trouble, you can also click HERE to go right to the pre-order page.

The price of the 2018 Speedy Tuesday is $7,100 (or 6,350 Swiss Francs). The watch is limited to 2,012 pieces and comes on a black and orange Nato strap along with a black leather strap. Unfortunately, as of press time, all serial numbers appear to be reserved. Quite a feat considering the watch completely sold out in less than an hour.

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