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A Colorful Look At The New Casio G-Shock Gold Skeleton Collection

Casio celebrates the 35th anniversary of the G-SHOCK with new skeleton watches that are clearly amazing.

By Hyla Bauer

When Kikuo Ibe set out to build an unbreakable watch in 1982, it’s safe to say he probably didn’t anticipate that the G-SHOCK would become an international icon garnering a worldwide fan base, not to mention obsessed collectors sharing their passions endlessly on watch forums. Last year, total sales of all G-SHOCK models reached the 100 million mark and show no signs of slowing down any time soon.

So how has Casio kept the G-SHOCK relevant? By adding new and improved functions and designs while staying true to its roots. Ibe destroyed over 200 prototypes of the G-SHOCK before he was satisfied with its durability. Don’t believe me? Read my colleague Josh Shanks’ inside look at the Casio R&D department. Casio says “G-SHOCK’s origin is the story of an unwavering belief that inspired a relentless quest and produced a tough spirit that promises never to fade away.”

Watchonista recently visited Casio’s facilities in Tokyo, and as part of a multi-story series on our visit, today we’re showcasing one of the favorite Fall 2018 collections we saw.

Introducing: The New G-SHOCK Skeleton Gold Collection

The new Skeleton Gold limited edition collection consists of four models, all style revolutions of the line’s most iconic and popular designs: the DW5000, DW5700, GA700 and GA800. What’s new? The watches feature translucent clear straps, and gold accents on the dial, caseback, buckle and band keeper. They’re sure to fast become collector’s items: each piece is engraved with the G-SHOCK 35th anniversary logo. Each watch in the Skeleton Gold collection is equipped with the legendary seven elements of a G-Shock: electric shock resistance, gravity resistance, low temperature resistance, vibration resistance, water resistance, shock resistance and toughness.

The DW5035E and DW5735E’s design harkens to the original classic case shapes from the 80’s. Featuring ultra-durable screw-lock casebacks, the models come in two case sizes: 42.8mm and 45.4mm. A gold border and clear jelly strap make them at once old-school and decidedly modern. Despite the fancy trappings, the watches have all of the functions that we’ve come to expect from the “watch that never breaks.” The DW5035E even has the old-school original brick pattern on its display. Despite the flash of gold, the watches are relatively subtle and not too bling-y on the wrist. The owner’s skin showing through the clear band creates a virtual frame for the cases’ pure distillation of the quintessential designs.

The GA735E and GA835E are big and bold with circular cases. Case sizes of 53.4mm and 48.6mm, plus super LED light on demand add to the readability of the analog hand display. The GA735E also boasts five-year battery life and prominent 3D hands. The GA835E includes a 3-hand combination and 120 LAP memory.

G-SHOCK has evolved over the last 35 years, with the brand adding new and improved functions, increasingly bold cases and up-to-the-minute technology. The 1980’s saw Ibe release the round DW-5400 and the dust-proof DW-5500. In a nod to traditional watches, an analog version also hit the market in G-SHOCK’s first decade. In the 1990’s, larger models came on the scene for “every conceivable heavy-duty scenario,” according to the brand. “Watches tuned for extreme cold weather and deep-sea diving weather arrived, along with solar power and altitude sensors.” An all-metal G-SHOCK, dubbed MR-G, broke onto the scene and the brand’s first designer collaborations appeared. The 21st century has been one of accelerated development on the technological front, including radio-controlled timekeeping, smartphone link, and Bluetooth connectivity. Increasingly durable materials including carbon fiber and titanium have further raised the durability bar. What’s next for G-SHOCK? Only time will tell.

(Photography by Liam O’Donnell)

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