Bulgari Introduces The Octo Roma Naturalia Collection And New Maestria App

Bulgari Introduces The Octo Roma Naturalia Collection And New Maestria App

Bulgari tackles the bespoke watch market with a fully customizable high-jewelry collection and a new app.

By Ash Longet
PR & Business Development

Watch customization has become a must for brands to stand out from the crowd. And earlier this month, Bulgari took a major step toward this goal by introducing the Octo Roma Naturalia, an exclusive collection that is fully customizable thanks to a new dedicated app.

In a world of mass consumption, watch lovers are looking for timepieces that embody their unique personalities. And while it is no secret that the market of bespoke luxury pieces is growing fast, with Artisans de Genève, Bamford Watch Department, and Label Noir among the market’s top sellers. Not many watch brands can boast an in-house customization department like Bulgari.

With its new Maestria configuration app, Bulgari goes a step further and intends to deliver a comfortable, end-to-end process of personalization that is secure and traceable to its customer.

Why An App, And Why Now?

“This project is more the consequence of our findings from the markets,” commented Antoine Pin, Managing Director of the Bulgari Watch Division. “Customers become more demanding, curious and picky when selecting their next high-end watch. Inviting them to embark the journey of the creation, then the production of their watch is a way to elevate their experience, to strengthen their emotional bond to the product.”

While bespoke watch creations are not a recent discovery at Bulgari – the company has produced made to order watches for decades – the launch of Naturalia is a whole new approach, according to Antoine Pin: “We offer to clients the possibility to define the Octo Roma Naturalia that best fits their taste and budget within a range for more than 30 options. The delivery of the personalized piece is guaranteed within 6 months following the order from the client and for a limited incremental cost.”

The Maestria app primarily targets watch aficionados who are willing to discover a new experience. As such, Bulgari tries to anticipate demands from all over the world. “Even if, for such pieces, Asian markets should be the interested ones,” added Antoine Pin.

Currently available in Bulgari boutiques and high-jewelry or haute horlogerie events, the Maestria app allows the customer to create their own tailored version of the new Octo Roma Naturalia timepiece, including the choice of stone (black onyx, lapis lazuli, or malachite), case material (titanium, rose gold, or platinum), case setting, and an engraving on the back.

About The Octo Roma Naturalia Collection

The new collection takes its inspiration from Ancient Rome. As Antoine Pin explained: “We have brought the Roman jeweler spirit and techniques into the Octo Roma. We not only decorate the outside of the case with precious stones, but we also insert precious stone bridges inside the movement.”

Available in three models – black onyx, lapis lazuli, and malachite – the Octo Roma Naturalia collection was designed with customization in mind, offering up to thirty possible variations to customers through the Maestria app. Prices start at $89,000 but can go up to $243,000 for a lapis lazuli in platinum with diamonds.

For more information, visit Bulgari’s website.

(Images © Bvlgari)

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