The Five New Patek Philippe Watches You Need to Know Now

Baselworld 2019: The Five New Patek Philippe Watches You Need to Know Now

Patek Philippe has once again outdone itself with an outstanding lineup of exceptional new watches with state-of-the-art technical advances.

By Hyla Bauer
Contributor & Special Projects

Everyone who’s anyone in this watch-obsessed world knows that year-in and year-out, Patek Philippe will introduce extraordinary new watches at Baselworld. The latest and greatest watches are eagerly anticipated by one and all and quickly become the talk of the show. This year, Patek certainly did not disappoint. Let’s take a look.

The New Calatrava Weekly Calendar 5212A

In terms of unusual (yet highly practical) complications, weekly calendars don't often take center stage, but that's all changed now. This new beauty displays the number of the week in the year, the day of the week, month, and date. If you think you haven't seen this numeral style before, you'd be right: one of Patek's watchmakers drew the new numbers by hand, and they were adopted for the watch. A silver opaline finish on the dial sets off the information-packed display to perfection.

The New Calatrava Weekly Calendar 5121A

Interestingly, Patek Philippe made the unusual move of introducing the new piece in stainless steel, instead of the usual precious metals in the Calatrava collection. Adding to the “casual” look (a relative term since it’s Patek, after all) the watch has a - gasp - calfskin strap with hand stitching.

The New Calatrava Weekly Calendar 5121A

The all-new Caliber 26-330 automatic movement powers the day and week number hands, hours, minutes and sweep seconds. The date is displayed through its aperture at 3 o'clock. The movement has a minimum power reserve of 35 hours and maxes at 45. Correctors on the case flank serve to set the week number and weekday, while the crown is reserved for adjusting the date. Priced at $33,454 USD

The New Calatrava Weekly Calendar 5121A

The New 5095R Annual Calendar Chronograph in Rose Gold

The Ref. 5095R features two of Patek's most desired complications, an annual calendar, and a flyback chronograph. The same striking design and mechanics that captivated collectors and aficionados alike in 2014 when the watch first appeared in steel are now available in a rose gold case. The new version in rose gold has a handsome brown sunburst dial that fades to black at the dial's edge. All of the 5095's now-iconic design features remain constant, with good reason: the original design is close to perfection. 

The New 5095R Annual Calendar Chronograph in Rose Gold
The New 5095R Annual Calendar Chronograph in Rose Gold ©Patek Philippe

As in prior iterations, the self-winding Caliber CH 28-520 QA 24H powers the watch, with its day, date, month and day/night indicators all in their own apertures. The 60-minute chronograph is placed in a subdial at 6 o’clock. The column wheel chronograph has such a low level of friction that the chronograph can run continually as a seconds hand without disturbing the watch’s accuracy. That’s a big deal. Priced at $65,774 USD.

The New 5095R Annual Calendar Chronograph in Rose Gold

The Iconic Nautilus 5726, now with a Blue Dial

The Nautilus was first introduced with a vibrant blue dial back in 1976. This year, Patek Philippe pays homage to the ref. 3700 with the stunning new ref. 5726. The latest stainless steel (and most likely unobtainable) Patek Philippe is sure to light collector’s hearts (and wallets) ablaze. Plus, this color comeback is a clear winner.

The Iconic Nautilus 5726, now with a Blue Dial

The new 5726 is a standout beauty in its stainless-steel case, with all of the features we’ve come to love. The moon phase annual calendar is displayed on the instantly recognizable horizontal blue stripe pattern. Priced at $45,928 USD.

The Iconic Nautilus 5726, now with a Blue Dial

The Aquanaut “Jumbo” 5168G in Green

The Aquanaut has a new color! With a strong lineup of colors already in the collection for men and women, including some diamond ladies pieces, the green dial and strap are a bold addition.

The Aquanaut “Jumbo” 5168G in Green ©Patek Philippe

In another noteworthy move, Patek chose to introduce the new dial and strap shade not in the stainless steel 5167 40mm Aquanaut model, but in a white gold “Jumbo” Aquanaut that is over 42mm wide. Collectors are sure to go green with envy. Priced at $39,691 USD.

The Aquanaut “Jumbo” 5168G in Green

5235/50R Regulator in Rose Gold

By definition, a regulator watch has to feature separate displays for hours, minutes, and seconds. For the untrained eye, regulator watches can be hard read at first, but once you get the hang of it, a regulator can be addictive. Regulators are adored by many die-hard collectors and this new iteration of the ref. 5235 will undoubtedly send many hearts aflutter. Priced at $51,825 USD

The 5235/50R Regulator in Rose Gold ©Patek Philippe
The 5235/50R Regulator in Rose Gold

(Photography by Liam O'Donnell)

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