Bulova x D-CAVE Computron NFT Watch

Back to the Future: Bulova Revisits the Computron for the Metaverse

D-CAVE and Bulova team up to launch a retro-futuristic take on a quartz crisis classic.

By Vincent Brasesco

With the advent of the quartz movement in the 1970s, there was a great appetite for brands to innovate in the field of electronic watches. American brands were at the forefront of this innovation. Then, in 1976, Bulova answered that call with the release of its Computron.

By employing a futuristic shape, and advanced circuit boards – the time was displayed using an LED display mounted ergonomically on the wrist and quickly became an icon of the period. While Bulova re-released the Computron in 2019, this year, the brand has decided to give this 20th-century icon a 21st-century update.

D-CAVE x Bulova

Introduced today, the D-CAVE X Bulova Computron revisits the Computron with several new design details inspired by retro gaming and a modern metaverse twist. The main case is now made of sleek black IP stainless steel, with electric green inlays – and that is just the standard version.

Bulova has also announced a Special Edition of the Computron with a black IP case that will feature acid-etched sidewalls and a (dare-I-say-Spaceview-like?) exhibition crystal so that the circuit board is always on full display. Complimented by matching bracelets in both variations, these will prove to be as comfortable as they are stylish.

These new color schemes and editions are working to bring new people into the watch world – and maybe even watch people into the meta-world. Commenting on the historic first for Bulova, Citizen Watch America’s President Jeffrey Cohen said, “For over 145 years, Bulova has been about innovating and exploring new worlds. Through our partnership with D-CAVE, Bulova interfaces with the metaverse and the gaming universe, allowing us to reach new consumers and opportunities.”

Welcome to the Metaverse

So how do you buy them? Well, the standard version of the D-CAVE x Bulova Computron will be available on Bulova’s website starting today for $450. It’s also worth noting that Bulova will be accepting cryptocurrency for the first time ever on this special watch.

However, those that crave the D-CAVE x Bulova Computron Special Edition will require a bit more 21st Century Savvy. On March 24th, D-CAVE will be dropping a metaverse NFT of the Bulova Computron in Decentraland. Those who purchase the NFT will have the option to buy the real-world Computron Special Edition from Bulova.

Deepening the relationship with D-CAVE, these two watches will be digitally launched in the D-CAVE Pavilion within Decentaland today. In a press release about the collaboration, Founder and CEO of D-CAVE Stefano Rosso stated, “We are very excited to have the opportunity to work on an iconic item like Bulova’s Computron and re-interpret it in a futuristic way, bridging the original physical item to its new virtual version. Metaverse is not a trend; it is a new way of living. Our physical life is and will be more and more integrated with our digital life. And as in real life, we want to express who we are also through the brands we love; the same will happen in the metaverse.”

For more information, visit the Bulova website.

(Images © Bulova)

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