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All the Watch References in Jay Z and Beyoncé’s ‘EVERYTHING IS LOVE’ Album

There are plenty of horological shout outs in Jay Z and Beyoncé's new album. Our resident hip-hop fanatic breaks it all down.

By Josh Shanks

Prior to embarking on their world tour, Jay Z and Beyoncé dropped a surprise album (‘Everything is Love’). This album acts as a joint follow up to each of the couple’s previous solo albums (Jay Z’s “4:44” and Beyoncé’s “Lemonade”). The album brings these two previously-squabbling lovers together to work out their differences.

What struck me most about this album is the abundance of references to the couple’s affinity for fine timepieces. Let’s break it down by song.


In the opening song “Summer” Beyoncé begins their nine-song joint album by talking about her eagerness to spend some “personal” time on a beach with her husband Jay Z. Eloquently describing an upcoming summer vacation. Meanwhile, Jay Z acts as hype man by repeating “let it breath” in the background. 

For his part, Jay Z echoes his wife’s sentiments by talking about how he has the hottest woman in the rap game (“I brought my sand to the beach”) and name-dropping luxury autos and handbags.

Before he talks about putting his daughter Blue Ivy to sleep, he drops this horological gem:

“I don’t have no concept of time. Even with a Rose Gold Concept on me “

Let’s break this down, for years, Jay has rapped about owning various precious metal timepieces. Most notably, on his “Watch the Throne” album, he spoke ad nauseum on the song ‘F.U.T.W.’ about Yellow Gold Sky Dwellers and Rose Gold Daytonas. 

So perhaps that’s the rose gold he’s referring to? However, it’s common knowledge that Rolex would never let a prototype out of the factory. 

So, this leads me to believe Jay Z is referring to his Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Tourbillon in Rose Gold. A heavy start to this bombastic album.


Pardon my French, but perhaps that’s the point. In a poignant video shot in the Louvre, the exuberance of Jay Z and Beyoncé are on full display.

In a recurring theme, Beyoncé opens this song by talking about their marriage surviving and driving away in a Lamborghini, all while paying off debts and collecting large checks. In one sexual innuendo after another, Beyoncé makes numerous phallic references to the size of Jay Z’s jet. Then she drops it, the line that confused me: 

“Shut Down Colette”
“Philippe Patek”
“Get off my oooooh”

I’m not sure how “in the know” Beyoncé is to the history of this iconic Swiss Maison. Perhaps she may not be aware the company was founded by Antoni Patek and Adrien Philippe. Either way, she knows that some combination of these two words means luxury. 

As they say, “you never actually own a Patek Philippe”, and we can certainly confirm that you’ll never own a ‘Philippe Patek’ because they don’t exist. Or perhaps she just wanted something that rhymed with “Colette”. 


In this song, the more horologically inclined Jay Z adds two references that refer to ancient pocket watches and modern watchmaking. First, he finds a way to rap about being in the jungle. 

“I’m a gorilla in a *ucking coupe”
“Finna pull up in the zoo”

A few lines later he says:

“Pocket watching like kangaroos, tell these clowns we ain’t amused”

While we count find a single photo of Jay Z with a pocket watch, it’s good to know that he understands that past, present, and future of watchmaking. 

Jay concludes the song by referring to a Richard Mille of some kind:

“Two hundred fifty for the Richard Mille”

This is seemingly accurate. The average price of an RM is in that ballpark and Jay Z is known to own a few.


Each bosses in their own right, Jay Z and Beyoncé are here to remind us that their dominance as rap royalty is here to stay. They make reference to “everyday problems” without providing much proof. I’m anxious to know, are they referring to Whole Foods checkout lines or Harry Winston running out of Dom Perignon? We may never know!

For his part, Jay Z backs up his wife with more grandiose lyrics that prove he’s the king of his own domain. No longer the hungry rapper from Bed-Stuy, Jay Z now enjoys his fame and wealth in his gilded Tribeca loft. 

The only watch reference in this song is obscure hyperbole about an unknown apartment and expensive watch. 

100 million crib, three million watch
All facts “

In 2012, Beyoncé made waves when she reportedly bought Jay Z a 1,282-carat diamond-encrusted Hublot Big Bang. While the original purchase price was $5 million dollars, it’s interesting to note that perhaps even Jay Z understands secondary market valuations.


In maybe a follow up to “BOSS” Jay Z opens this song by talking about how he can do anything and having no fears of death. Again, there are countless references to his cashflow situation while he gives listeners a lesson on invoicing. He closes song by repeating:

“Ice, Ice, Ice, Ice, Ice, Ice, Ice”

Perhaps he’s still bitter about the valuation of his Hublot Big Bang?


Beyoncé brings the heat on this song with the 713 being a reference to the area code for her hometown of Houston, Texas. While talking about Goyard and Louis Vuitton handbags, she slickly drops a line from the 1999 song “Still D.R.E.” 

“Representin’ for my hustler all across the world
Still dippin’ in my lo-lo’s, girl!
I put it down for the 713, and we still got love for the streets (ow!)”

In this “Jenny from the block” move, Queen B reinforces her street-cred while reminding us that she hasn’t forgotten where she came from.


It’s common knowledge that fame breeds envy and real friends can become enemies. This is often a byproduct of success. This song reminds us that life at the top isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. While there are no watch references on this one, we can at least celebrate the fact that Meek Mill is out of jail.


Seven tracks in and Jay Z / Beyoncé are here to emphasize their fame and fortune. By repeating the line “you heard about us” the power couple reinforces their claim to the hip-hop throne.

For her part, Beyoncé tries again to remind us of her watch collection:

“Pull up, hop out, wreck, got 
No time, but we got Pateks”

You have to admit, that’s clever. But still, if this watch journalist went around mispronouncing brand names I’d be castigated. When Beyoncé does it, we celebrate. To date, I can’t find a single photo of Beyoncé wearing a watch of any kind.  


“Can you tell us about love?”

In this touching song, Jay Z and Beyoncé talk about unconditional love. Whether it be humanity or of your fellow man, the couple reminds us to love each other. For his part, Jay Z drops the line “I’m good on any MLK boulevard an obvious reference to his popularity in urban areas. However, this song goes from humble to braggadocios in less than a minute. 

While talking about the need to love people of all colors, faiths, and ethnicities, Jay Z then brings it back to his wrist with the very topical line:

“Got the Richard Mille all colors 
Might hit you with the Rose Gold all summer”

Throughout Richard Mille’s history, the brand has made a variety of colorful timepieces. From the RM-27 Nadal to the colorful RM-67 lineup, the brand has remained very playful with their palates. However, I was hard-pressed to find a photo of Jay Z with an RM that wasn’t white gold, rose gold, or white/black ceramic. 

For the “Rose Gold” portion of this line, Jay Z has to be referring to his Richard Mille RM-11 ‘Felipe Massa’ which he’s been pictured wearing countless times. 


Hova and Queen B close out their ‘Everything is Love’ album with a three minute forty-nine second retrospective of their life together. It’s obvious that Beyoncé is still upset about her original engagement diamond, but she apparently loves Japanese whisky (good to know).

While there are no watch references on “LOVE HAPPY”, it’s nice to see that Jay  and Beyoncé have resolved their marital issues. No more talk about “Becky” or that infamous elevator incident. They close the song and album by simply saying “Happy in Love.” We’re just happy that this hip hop power couple also happens to be a horological power couple.

You can listen to ‘EVERYTHING IS LOVE’ on Apple Music, here.

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