How the New Spaceview Evolution is the Biggest Update to the Collection Yet

Accutron’s Evolution Revolution: How the New Spaceview Evolution is the Biggest Update to the Collection Yet

As passionate students of all the good things in life, including architecture, join us as we take a closer look at the ongoing architectural changes of the Accutron Spaceview.

By Rhonda Riche

Like watches, buildings are structures about which we often have deep and abiding feelings that go far beyond their basic functions or utilitarian natures. And just as innovations in technology and aesthetics can change how we interact with a room or a timepiece over the years, so too can our feelings and relationships with both structures be transformed.

Luckily for watches and buildings alike, good designs tend to endure due to their ability to adapt to different times and tastes with little bother.

An excellent example of good design’s adaptability is the Accutron Spaceview: First, it was shockingly avant-garde when it came out in 1960. Then, it hibernated for a few decades when the brand halted production in 1977. And finally, it re-emerged as a mid-century icon.

However, Accutron refuses to rest on its bona fides. So, each year since its 2020 relaunch, the brand has continued to advance the Spaceview. And in 2023, the space-age timepiece had its most significant transformation yet: the Spaceview Evolution.

Change is Good

The original Accutron Spaceview got its moniker because its dial-less design exposed its revolutionary tuning fork regulator. And for the time, it was out of this world, but since then, the Spaceview has seen substantial refinements to its tech and its already considerable good looks.

Take, for example, the newest take on the Accutron Spaceview 2020, the Spaceview Evolution. It employs the same distinctive housing as its predecessor, but it has updated the orientation of the movement by 30 degrees to give the watches an entirely new look. The result is kind of like when new homeowners repaint the outside of their house: Not only will long-time neighbors be able to see previously obscured or overlooked details, but it can transform the look and feel of the entire neighborhood.

Moreover, because the Spaceview still features an open display, this change in orientation means the bones of the Evolution get more play. For example, the turbines that power the watch have been shifted, and the crown has been re-positioned to two o’clock.

These new positionings the watch’s functionality and comfort, respectively. It also allows the Evolution’s updated bridgework details to shine while its finely knurled finishing provides (along with blue and black contrast screws) a subtle dash of color.

Kind of a Big Deal

Although the Spaceview’s 2020 revival may have been borne out of nostalgia, Accutron has also put a lot of thought into keeping the collection cutting-edge. So, it is unsurprising that, similar to the Spaceview 2020, the Spaceview Evolution watch comes in a bold 43.5mm x 15.9mm polished stainless steel case with a very of-the-moment domed-double box sapphire crystal.

The most disruptive feature of the Spaceview is its revolutionary Accutron Electrostatic calibre. An automatic-quartz hybrid, this movement runs on the accumulated electrostatic energy generated by the wearer’s motions. These motions cause the movement’s two turbines to spin rapidly and create power in a similar way to how a rotor powers a self-winding watch. Then, between the two turbines are two electrodes for generating an electrical charge that is then stored in an “accumulator,” not unlike a rechargeable battery.

The result is improved accuracy (within +/- 5 seconds per month when worn regularly) and (most importantly for gear heads) smooth, sweeping seconds hand that is, fun fact, powered by a different motor from the hour and minutes. Visually, it’s a thing of beauty and grace!

Pricing & Availability

Available for purchase as you read this, the Accutron Spaceview Evolution comes in two versions, both with openworked dials and both costing $3,950. The first iteration has a smoky gray (almost black) dial and a matte black alligator leather strap, and the second has a silvery gray dial and a shiny blue alligator strap.

(Photography by Liam O'Donnell)

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