Jaquet Droz Lady 8

Feminine sophistication - Lady 8 by Jaquet Droz

The latest Jaquet Droz timepiece, Lady 8, embodies the infinite universe of sensuality and femininity. It is the first timepiece of a collection exclusively designed by the brand for women. A fair deal…

By Nev'eda Tegin

For the first time in its history, the brand is paying tribute to women with a purely feminine model. The number 8 is a symbol of completeness and infinity. It is also Jaquet Droz’s eternal source of inspiration and an emblematic element of its flagship models. The Grande Seconde is a legend from this manufacture, with its two intersecting dials forming an eight, has always exalted the esthetics and clarity of the brand's timepieces. And for the first time, on this new feminine and sophisticated Lady 8 model, the figure eight appears as an integral part of the case and on the clasp. The brand has found the perfect balance between the sophistication and lucid lines so befitting the maison's genetic codes, where craftsmanship, materials and horological engineering are perfectly combined.

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Time sensuality

Buddhism says there are eight paths to Nirvana. In a parallel version, the path to femininity at Jaquet Droz starts at the top of the bezel fit with its new model. The first circle of the 8 has been executed by a touch of ribbon and highlights a particular design and refinement. At the heart of the circle, a pearl has been fitted. The white gold version bears a natural one, the red gold version a Tahiti one and the steel version an aventurine one. As a last touch of coquettishness, the pearl fitted at the summit of the watch at 12 o’clock irresistibly draws the owner to touch and turn it with her finger. A charming way to remind that one is free to occupy one’s time as one wishes.

Jaquet Droz Lady 8

The Lady 8 is also a tribute to the symphony of grace. The first circle of the 8 is entwined with the curves of the second circle around a well-rounded case available in white gold, red gold or steel. The case has a three-dimensional aspect highlighted by the volume effects and the depth of the crown. In an allegory to the body of a woman and the design of the Lady 8, a body in the shape of an hourglass with curvaceous lines would be a pleasant image. The brand has manufactured three distinct versions of the Lady 8.

Jaquet Droz Lady 8 review

The steel version has been matched with an aventurine dial to give a whimsical air to the watch. Red gold has been coordinated with a laser-engraved dial to exude a free spirit. As for the white gold one, what better symbol than that of the motherly virtues of sweetness and well-being of the mother-of-pearl. Jaquet Droz did not hesitate to go with instinct in the design of the watch as if it wanted to qualify the large spectrum of femininity. Housing an in-house movement, the self-winding Lady 8 is an engraved mass in the shape of a dress.

Jaquet Droz Lady 8

The watch is equipped with a domed sapphire crystal and a cabochon of the same precious stone as its dial. It also gives off a laid-back air, like it just came out of a Boticelli painting and is all roundness. Its cambered dial and hands confer it dimensions exuding glamour at its best. In a phase of fashion where slimness and ultra-thin watches are hip, this model comes out of the lot and is a reminder of the fact that the essence of feminine beauty can equally be described by using curves.

Slight caprices and freedom, two supposed characteristics of the average woman, have been transposed to this watch. To avoid any hindrance in its fluidity and aerial elegance, the lugs have been replaced by a satin or alligator strap directly attached to the case.

The subtly and exclusively designed 8-shaped deployment buckle gives the wearer the exquisite feeling of keeping a secret.

Jaquet Droz Lady 8

Lucky charm of a pervading success

It is believed that 8 is a lucky number in China. Well, the luck seems to have crossed borders and reached the Maison Jaquet Droz of the Swatch Group since it is faring so well. The Lady 8 has been produced and assembled using a craftsmanship that will last long, thus enabling the creation of unique timepieces or limited editions as per the wishes of the customers. In order to continue making its history, the brand paves the way for a pioneer event in the form of an initiation to the jewelry art of Haute Horlogerie. Today, its timepieces, genuine watchmaking masterpieces, have the same potential as that of its historical models.

Jaguet Droz Lady 8

Nev’eda’s point of view

Conceptualizing, designing and creating a watch for women is the ultimate challenge for any watchmaker. It is in no way simple to avoid the very tempting trap of feminizing a masculine watch. A subtle balance between the trends and desires of the woman needs to be established while juggling materials and shapes. However, creating an androgynous-like watch or a jewel watch is still a matter of taste.

Nevertheless, the grace of a unique timepiece that can beautify the wrist still depends on the creativity and expertise of the watchmaker. In any case, it is an accomplished mission for the Lady 8.

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