Where Stars are Born: Bulova Honors the Apollo Theater with a Timely Collaborati

Where Stars are Born: Bulova Honors the Apollo Theater with a Timely Collaboration

Bulova partners with the legendary Apollo Theater to present a collaborative timepiece jam-packed with star power and soul.

By Mike Espindle
Executive Editor

On those rare occasions when I muse about time-travel, several daydreams about attending historic events crop up. But a date and place that always makes my wish list is the Apollo Theater at 253 West 125th Street in Harlem on the evening of October 24, 1962.

And while time-travel is still a thing of science fiction, the new Bulova x Apollo Special Edition Millennia watch is a very good start.

Get on Up

October 24, 1962, of course, marks the electrifying performance of James Brown (and the Famous Flames) at the Apollo Theater. It was a watershed moment not only in the career of the “Hardest Working Man in Show Business” but also a seminal moment in the annals of American music. I wasn’t born yet, but I dearly wish I could have been there.

The following year, the recording of that performance, James Brown Live at the Apollo, presented one of the first major crossover success stories in live-recorded popular music. And since then, music fans have simply never looked back.

Of course, this is only one iconic Apollo Theater moment. There are so, so many more: The apocryphal story of Buddy Holly and the Crickets being the first white act to play the Apollo; the raucous ongoing tradition of Amateur Night at the Apollo that launched the careers of people like Lauryn Hill, Luther Vandross, Alicia Keys, and Chris Rock; the decades-long run of the Showtime at the Apollo television series; the list goes on and on.

A Wrist-Fitting Tribute

The Apollo Theater has been lauded and honored over its 88-year history, not only for the significant moments in music, dance, comedy, and performance it has given the world, but also for its status as an important global cultural institution. And now, watchmaker Bulova adds an exciting ode to the venue for your wrist as you shake it to the beat.

“The Apollo is a temple of dreams and ambitions, a monument to tenacity and social revolution since its very first days of existence,” Apollo Theater President and CEO Jonelle Procope said about the collaboration. “We are delighted to partner with a heritage brand such as Bulova to highlight not only the greatest moments of our history but also celebrate the Apollo’s exciting chapters ahead.”

Wrist Music

The first offerings of the new partnership, two Bulova x Apollo Special Edition timepieces, capture the show-stopping style, joyful spirit, and profound impact of the theater. But they also include the iconic rounded “Apollo” neon marquis over the door that has welcomed legendary artists from Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday to Bruno Mars and LL Cool J.

Both the 43mm and 32mm Millennia timepieces balance a clean, modern silver-tone stainless steel bracelet and case with a performance-night black dial that depicts a subtle repeating theme of the Apollo marquis, with a slightly bolder marquis execution right above 6 o’clock.

The Soul of Time

That subtle dial ode is then colorfully amped-up with dual (thick and thin) five-part red accent rings infused into the domed crystal, creating a “neon” moment along the outer edge of the watch’s face.

Clean, modern silver-tone hands and four cardinal bar markers don’t draw too much attention from the dial and color-work taking center-stage. The black-and-red Apollo colors are carried over in special caseback badging for these slim and dependable quartz timepieces.

Pricing & Availability

Both the Millennia 43mm (ref. 96A296) and Millennia 32mm (ref. 96L309) retail for $495 and will be available at Bulova retailers and on the watchmaker’s website this summer.

To paraphrase the lyrics of the James Brown hit “Super Bad”: “You’ll feel so nice, you’ll jump back and want to kiss yourself.”

(Images © Bulova)

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