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Watchonista joins Horological Society Of New York as Sponsor

Watchonista joins America’s longest running watchmaking guild as sponsor.

By Watchonista

Today, we’re delighted to announce that Watchonista is now a sponsor of the Horological Society of New York. Founded in 1866, HSNY is the America’s first watchmaking guild. Today, the society is focused on continuing education for all levels of horological enthusiasts. 

“Watchonista's passion for horology is evident through their in-depth and intriguing editorial coverage of the watchmaking industry and their support of charitable horological organizations around the world. HSNY looks forward to a wonderful partnership and thanks Watchonista for their generous support.“

Nicholas Manousos, HSNY President

“Watchonista is delighted to sponsor the Horology Society of New York. It’s an honor to join esteemed colleagues and partner brands to support this very worthy cause. In addition, we’re committed to globally supporting HSNY's efforts to educate the next generation of watchmakers. We look forward to helping share the association’s knowledge and history to our readers.“

Watchonista's Co-Founders Alexander Friedman and Marco Gabella

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Events: Horological Society Of New York Gala and Charity Auction

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On April 18, 2018, HSNY will ring in their 152nd year with a grand gala and charity auction.

Events: Brittany Nicole Cox Lecture at The Horological Society Of New York

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Events: Jack Forster Lecture at The Horological Society Of New York

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Renowned horological journalist Jack Forster to present “The Essentials of Precision Timekeeping” at HSNY’s February meeting.