Pre-Race Prep at TAG Heuer with André Lotterer
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Talking Electric Race Cars And Mechanical Watches With André Lotterer

Just days before the upcoming Formula E race in Red Hook, Brooklyn, TAG Heuer hosted an intimate gathering at its New York boutique complete with a Formula E driver, André Lotterer, and a Formula E Porsche displayed prominently on 5th Avenue.

By Jessica “J.J.” Owens

For the uninitiated, the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship is a fifteen-race series where electric cars dominate the track and features drivers with a diverse array of backgrounds including Formula 1 and Le Mans. In short, this series is where both the cars and competition are electric.

But since every minute of pre-race time is precious, we here at Watchonista were thrilled to catch up with André Lotterer, a Belgian-German driver for TAG Heuer's Porsche Formula E team, to discuss not only his passion for motorsport but also his love of watches.

A Passion for TAG Heuer Pre-Tag

After having chatted with André Lotterer, it was evident his love of TAG Heuer started very young. When asked about his earliest memory of the famous brand, he mentioned his father’s Heuer. Lotterer stated, “It’s a Carrera or maybe a pre-Carrera. It’s a chronograph.”

Additionally, Lotterer clearly recalled three-time Formula 1 champion Ayrton Senna (also sponsored by TAG Heuer) having famously worn a S/el, ref. S25.706C. He went on to share his childhood memories of the racetrack. First, when he started carting at the age of seven, then his burgeoning conception of time. Specifically, lap times, which were always top of mind.

Moreover, Lotterer discussed a very special gift given to him for his 18th birthday, “I was an only child, so I think my parents felt like they had to get it, even after spending all this money on carting, I was given a [TAG Heuer] Link for my 18th birthday.” Having had such a long history with the brand, the partnership between the two seems to have been predestined.

The Life of Lotterer

Not only a prominent watch collector, André Lotterer also enjoys collecting cars and cameras. What similarities, if any, are held among the three hobbies, one may ask? Lotterer told us, “The precision, the beauty, the craftsmanship, and the rarity…those who get it just do.” After talking with Lotterer, his passion for all three was evident, even amid the chaos of a pre-race event on a hot summer evening along 5th Avenue.

Continuing to his passions outside of racing, we asked about his favorite drive and the ideal watch companion to take on that drive. Lotterer responded, “I recently drove through the South of France, driving through the lavender fields in Provence.” But he broke the picture of a leisurely drive, quickly snapping back into pre-race mode, as racing was clearly on his mind, adding: “But the Autobahn has no speed limit, and I would be wearing one of my Monaco’s.” One could not expect a better answer from a world class driver, as the beauty of Provence only slightly beat the unincumbered Autobahn.

How To Avoid Cracking Under Pressure

After he finished reminiscing, Lotterer gave Watchonista a bit of advice on how to not crack under pressure, “There is no real recipe, stay in the zone, focus on the essentials, and be confident.” Much like his driving on the track, he makes steering clear of pressure seem effortless.

A seasoned professional, André Lotterer embodied this very philosophy by seamlessly answering questions in the blazing New York sun while still looking every bit the TAG Heuer driver seven-year-old boys who cart can admire.

The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship takes place June 10th and 11th in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

For more information on TAG Heuer’s motorsports partnerships, visit the brand’s website.

(Header image via TAG Heuer, and other sources credited)

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