Royal Ascot 2024

A Royal Affair at Ascot Races with Longines and Regé-Jean Page

Join us as we experience the splendor of the Royal Ascot, explore the rich legacy it preserves, and sit down for an exclusive conversation with the impeccably stylish Regé-Jean Page, Longines’ new Ambassador of Elegance.

By Ash Longet
PR & Business Development

When I received the coveted invitation from Longines to attend the Royal Ascot, it was the realization of a long-time dream. And from the moment I first set foot on British soil, I was captivated by the palpable sense of royal heritage that permeates this storied land.

The British royal family, with their timeless traditions and rich legacy, are more than mere symbols – they embody the very essence of the nation’s identity. Among their many celebrated customs, one event stands out as a glittering gem in the royal calendar: the Royal Ascot, a grand spectacle that has continued unbroken since 1807 when the first Gold Cup was awarded.

So, to attend as a guest of Longines – the Royal Ascot’s official timekeeper and sponsor for the past 17 years – and as a representative of Watchonista only elevated the entire experience for me.

It also meant that we would be watching the race from a special loge situated just above the Royal enclosure and be in the company of Regé-Jean Page, Longines’ newly appointed Ambassador of Elegance, whom I had the opportunity to interview (more on that later).

Royal Ascot Legacy

Maintaining the legacy of such an event as long-lived as the Royal Ascot (which has been running for more than 217 years) is no simple task. Yet, the Royal Ascot, which sees the royal family in attendance every year, is a spectacle, not only of the finest horses and jockeys but also for the guests who seize the opportunity to showcase their most exquisite frocks and finery.

However, while fashion is ever-evolving, the dress code for the Royal Enclosure remains firmly rooted in tradition.

For starters, hemlines must reach the knee or lower with shoulders suitably covered. Above all else, no one may enter the Royal Enclosure without a hat. The result of these strict rules is an event that is a beguiling blend of royalty, equestrian beauty, an unusual amount of bespoke clothing, and a gathering of the international elite.

Important (but not that serious) Facts

With over 273,500 guests in attendance and over 600 participating horses, the Royal Ascot was able to award a record £10 million in prize money in 2024, with no race running for less than £110,000. Moreover, the home of the Royal Ascot, Ascot Racecourse, is renowned for first-class hospitality, including à la carte menus from Michelin-starred chefs and catering by AA Rosette-winning restaurants.

In fact, the official website claims that, on average, every year, Royal Ascot attendees drink approximately 56,000 bottles of Champagne, 44,000 bottles of wine, 21,000 jugs of Pimm’s, and 80,000 cups and eat around 120,000 buttermilk scones, 60,000 finger sandwiches, 5,000 Angus steaks, and 5,000 kilos (11,023 pounds) of salmon. These are absolutely crazy numbers for a 15-day event in the London countryside.

Special Guest: Regé-Jean Page

As previously mentioned, British actor Regé-Jean Page, known for his Emmy-nominated role as Simon Bassett, the Duke of Hastings, on Netflix’s acclaimed series Bridgerton, graced the Royal Ascot with his presence.

Dressed in a morning suit of dark gray material, complemented by a creamy beige waistcoat and a patterned necktie and completed with an elegant top hat, Page’s impeccable ensemble was further accentuated by the watch on his wrist, the 42mm Conquest Chronograph, which is the official watch of the Royal Ascot 2024.

“When Longines initially reached out to me, I looked into the company and was pleased to find that we shared many values and interpretations of elegance,” Page shared. “It was all about how you carry yourself and how you can bring sophistication to your life with ease and taste. It was a very easy connection to make.”

So, without further ado, here is my interview with Regé-Jean Page.

Ash Longet: What is the most beautiful thing about a watch?

Regé-Jean Page: I think one of the most beautiful things about a watch, particularly a watch, is the relationship you develop with it. It influences how I feel throughout the day and becomes a part of how I express myself to others.

Choosing a watch in the morning is a joy – it’s about deciding who I want to be that day and how I want to express that. I enjoy having this option to express myself through something I’ll carry with me all day.

I’m still getting to know my new [Conquest Chronograph], but I’m very much enjoying that process.

Would you say timepieces are your accessory of choice?

Yes, a watch tends to be my main accessory, which I’m very grateful for because it can be challenging to accessorize tastefully as a man.

A well-designed watch is almost always a safe bet. And Longines’ designs are so elegant and timeless that they elevate an outfit without me having to worry too much about the rest of my accessories.

You are known for having an innate sense of style and an almost effortless elegance. How does your style philosophy align with the values of Longines?

My style philosophy is very similar to how I approach my work. It’s about expression, sensuous experience, and the people I meet. It’s about what I want to achieve and how I want to express myself, whether to myself or to others.

It’s about finding ways to express these feelings through clothes, accessories, and fashion.

What are your three fashion rules?

These rules apply to watches as well:

First, always express yourself – wear something because it represents you, not because others do.

Second, remember that you wear the outfit; the outfit does not wear you. So, if you want to wear a watch with a lot of wrist presence, be sure to bring enough of your own presence to match it. Never let your presence be less than that of your watch.

Lastly, learn the rules, then break them because there are no rules.

(Images © Longines)

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