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Dubai Watch Week

At Dubai Watch Week, The FHH Brings Virtual Reality

How to connect past and present time? And how to integrate watchmaking into the contemporary art sphere? This is what the FHH has been working on. To be discovered in Dubai during the week.

By Audrey Humbert

I have to say that I have particularly been seduced by the FHH exhibition this year. Because most people can be put off when they hear the words “history” or “past”, they have worked on innovative ways to connect past and present. How to tell the story of time without getting boring and dusty? By introducing the VR (virtual reality)! 

The Marine Chronometer Experience

According to Grégory Gardinetti, we wear watches and read time but tend to forget what was at stake in the 17th and 18th centuries. Time was a tool to drive trains, pilot planes or guide ships. These are the three virtual experiences that you can live from the FHH booth. Through virtual reality, you will be travelling through time and understand the reason why time has been a strategic field impacting how societies have developed. 

The Railway Watch Experience
The Flyback Chronograph Experience

After discovering this, we advise that you direct yourself towards the second part of the exhibition named “Telling Time”. The philosophy of time is what you will encounter there. How artists have included the time in their work and how contemporary watches can relate to their work? 

YAIMA CARRAZANA (Santiago de Cuba, 1981) Rosanna, 2010

The selection of worldwide artists will have you travel from South America with Yaima Carrazana (Cuba) and two artists form Columbia and Argentina to Europe with a video from Maarten Baas (Germany/ The Netherlands) that shows the time moving over a lap of 24-hour. 

MAARTEN BAAS (Germany / The Netherlands, 1978) Sweepers Clock, 2009

Discover these artists along with others at the FHH exhibition for Dubai Watch Week.

And once you have done all of that, you will probably be ready to participate in the FHH Quiz (named WAY) for a chance to win beautiful prizes from Dubai Watch Week. 

And receive each week a custom selection of articles.

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