Don’t Miss It: The #WatchFamforUkraine Solidarity Auction Starts Today!
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Don’t Miss It: The #WatchFamforUkraine Solidarity Auction Starts Today!

Once again, the watch community comes together for good.

By Vincent Brasesco

We love watches. That’s not really an earth-shattering statement coming from a publication called “Watchonista.” But even the most passionate of watch collectors among us would concede that there are far more important things in life than watches. That being said: One of the most noteworthy things about watches is their ability to bring people together.

Watches for Charity

Over the years, watches have been used as a vehicle to bring people together for great causes and highlight charities and worthwhile organizations the world over. For instance, Time+Tide raised funds for the Australian Brushfires, Revolution raised awareness and funds for COVID-19, and, of course, there is OnlyWatch, which has raised incredible sums for Duchene muscular dystrophy.

Well, starting today, the watch community is rallying together again. This time, for Ukraine.

Enter RedBar & Wei Koh

No doubt many of you are familiar with RedBar Group, but in addition to the group’s love of community, the cause behind the organization is raising money for various charitable organizations. So, as we have all watched the horrific invasion of the Ukraine unfold over the past month, Kathleen McGivney who heads RedBar, naturally wondered how they could unify the watch community to help raise money and awareness.

Enter Wei Koh, the founder of Revolution. Together, they decided that one of the best organizations in need of support was the World Central Kitchen (WCK). If you are unfamiliar with the relief organization, the WCK is doing vital work in the region.

Started in 2010 to aid survivors of the devastating earthquake that leveled Haiti, the WCK has been boots on the ground supporting families sheltering in Ukraine and helping to feed refugees arriving in Poland, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, and even Spain. The idea behind WCK is a simple one – when tragedy strikes and people are forced to leave their homes, they need food to eat.

And as of today, WCK has served over 1 million meals to people displaced by the ongoing war in Ukraine. It’s hard to imagine a more worthwhile cause than ensuring that fleeing families and individuals don’t go hungry.

The #WatchFamforUkraine Solidarity Auction

Using the same format as the COVID-19 auction, Kathleen & Wei have been burning up the phonelines working with brands and collectors around the world to put together an incredible and compelling list of watches for auction, which began today at midnight and runs until midnight on Monday, March 28th.

The auction itself will be hosted on Loupe This, the online auction platform founded by veteran watch dealer Eric Ku, and 100% OF THE PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED DIRECTLY TO THE WCK.

While the lot list is continuously being added to, and there are currently over 50 lots available. The full list of lots can be found HERE – but below are some of our highlights.

Lot #UK005 – Baltic Bicompax Pulso for Revolution & The Rake

Lot #UK019 – Furlan Marri Ref. 1121-A “Solidarity Blue”

Autodromo Group B Aqua Dial

Lot # UK021 – Private Tour of Grönefeld Atelier In Oldenzaal

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