The New Ulysse Nardin UFO

Ulysse Nardin UFO Sighting In Downtown Geneva!

Rumor has it that the UN could be hiding the answers to this extraterrestrial enigma.

By Steven Rogers

Authorities in Geneva have been put on high alert after a UFO was seen transforming the living room, dining room, and bedroom of a downtown apartment over the weekend.

The mechanized “triclops” with X-shaped eyes and gleaming, metallic six-pack was spotted sitting pretty on the coffee table, dining table, bedside table, and bookshelf of the Genevan abode. Witnesses to the event say it added a dose of avant-garde playfulness that had previously been sorely lacking.

The local style police have been out in force trying to figure out how this mysterious object got there and why it looks so freaking good.

Word has it that the UN might know a thing or two regarding the provenance of the otherworldly visitor, but the famous institution publicly claims to be all at sea about its origins.

The Truth (Is Out There)

Of course, aliens have not invaded Switzerland’s second most populous city, and the United Nations is not part of some extraterrestrial cover-up. Not yet, anyhow.

However, an UN-backed, three-eyed, six-pack-packing UFO has indeed been smartening up a Geneva dwelling of late. The UFO in question is the new Unidentified Floating Object table clock launched by UN – Ulysse Nardin – to celebrate the brand’s 175th anniversary.

On the one hand, Ulysse Nardin’s UFO does look a bit like a limbless and transparent droid, perhaps a distant cousin of R2-D2, if you will. But look again, and you will notice it also resembles a futuristic cardinal buoy that could bob up and down on the ocean waves.

As such, it manages to distill Ulysse Nardin’s history into a single timepiece by nodding to its origins as a renowned maker of marine clocks while also embodying the avant-garde spirit for which the brand has become known in more recent decades.

Six Barrels and Three Hour-Minute Displays

The UFO has a half-spherical, blue aluminum base that contains a tungsten mass allowing the clock to sway from a vertical position on a tabletop, without overturning.

Built atop the base and protected under the 3mm-thick domed glass bell, the movement is assembled in a tower-like structure, with six mainspring barrels – the metallic six-pack – forming the midsection and, at the top, a massive, slow-beating balance.

The multiple barrels and low balance frequency are what help give the movement a colossal, year-long power reserve.

The movement, made by L'Epée 1839, powers deadbeat seconds and three triangularly configured hour-minute displays – the three eyes – that can be set to either mirror one another or display the time in three separate locations.

Crucially, the UFO is guaranteed to make an already swanky pad look even swankier, as these photos amply demonstrate.

For more details about Ulysse Nardin’s UFO, a 75-piece limited edition, you can read our recent write-up about it or visit Ulysse Nardin’s website.

(Photography by Pierre Vogel)

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