Unwind with the Best of Watchonista Lounge

Summer Rewind: Unwind with the Best of Watchonista Lounge

You can’t live on bread alone. So, if you are a collector, there are probably more topics of fascination in your life beyond watches. That is why The Lounge by Watchonista is dedicated to covering the intersection of timepieces and having a good time!

By Watchonista

For readers familiar with our website and our print publication, you’ll know that The Lounge by Watchonista is our special sub-platform to explore topics and their interconnectivity to timepieces.

There are plenty of watch-adjacent hobbies in The Lounge to get your motor running. But if you're looking to unwind during these dog days of summer, here are some of our favorite articles published in The Lounge by Watchonista from the past few months.

Runway Models: What If Iconic Fashion Pieces Were Made Into Watches?

By Tanya Dukes

Along with the clothes and accessories that fill our closets, fashion brands also make fantasies and headlines. But, perhaps strangely, remarkably few make watches.

So, what would it look like if some of the biggest names in the business got into the game? We mocked up a few ideas that tap into the brand’s most recognizable features, starting with Bottega Veneta.

Leather goods from Bottega Veneta have been a signifier of stealth wealth since the Italian brand started in the 1960s. An early slogan, “When your own initials are enough,” got to the root of the self-assured, label-eschewing client the brand courted.

Instead of chasing trends, the work of its craftspeople, specifically woven leather, became its calling card. Even as the heritage brand has built a reputation for the agenda-setting newness beloved by the influencer crowd, it maintains a quality that’s a cut above most of its peers.

Only one technique is essential for a Bottega Veneta watch: Intrecciato, a sophisticated weaving technique created by the house to ensure the fine leather it worked with would be strong and lasting. The signature artistry would appear on both the dial and strap. The concept is simple, but the execution is more than enough.

To check out our other “what if” creations, read our Runway Models: What If Iconic Fashion Pieces Were Made Into Watches? article from February.

A Real-Life Bag of Holding: On the Go with the 3.0 Duffle from Montblanc

By Liam O'Donnell

Built to be versatile, reliable, and look good while doing it, allow me to introduce you to the Montblanc Extreme 3.0 Duffle Bag.

From the tarmac to the office, this duffle can accommodate it all. The bag is made from full-grain bovine leather tanned using a CO2-neutral process. The leather also features a heavy, corrected finish that has resulted in a carbon fiber-like resemblance.

In addition to looking extremely contemporary, this finish gives the bag a resilient weatherproof surface, too. Plus, stitched up the sides are two handles made from supple polyester webbing to ensure strong holding points.

Opening the bag’s main compartment is easy with the two-way separating zipper with closed ends. Moreover, the zipper also features molded plastic teeth and a metal slider to ensure it never gives out. Once opened, the main compartment (which can hold about 7 gallons) includes…

To learn more (including pricing and availability) or to check out more of our original imagery, read our A Real-Life Bag of Holding: On the Go with the Extreme 3.0 Duffle from Montblanc article from January.

(Bag modeled by Katrina Vrakas)

Video: The Story Behind the Lonsdale for ChronotemVs Collectors

By Watchonista

First announced in November 2022, the Lonsdale was co-created by watch-collecting cigar aficionados CronotempVs Collectors and The Lounge by Watchonista, with help from Cuervo y Sobrinos, the only Swiss watchmaker with Cuban heritage.

Moreover, these cigar-inspired, retro-styled limited-edition watches are delivered in a versatile, accessory-packed presentation case decorated with an eye-catching smoke swirl motif conceived by celebrated watch designer Eric Giroud as part of his design side project, Somewhere.

However, while partnerships between cigar companies and watch brands aren’t exactly rare, collaborations between watch brands and cigar-smoking watch enthusiasts are practically unheard of.

Allow us to walk you through the creative process behind the Lonsdale with a dedicated video…

To watch our behind-the-scenes video, check out our article Video: The Story Behind the Lonsdale for CronotempVs Collectors x The Lounge by Watchonista from February.

A Hands-on Review of the New M11 Monochrom from Leica

By Liam O'Donnell

The fourth generation of the Monochrom line, the M11 Monochrom, made by Leica, is the brand’s latest high-end digital rangefinder camera designed to capture images with unparalleled detail, tonality, and resolution, exclusively in black and white. I was fortunate enough to test-drive the camera for a few days.

Right out of the gate, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed shooting exclusively in black and white. While I started out still thinking about what the images would look like in color, my pre-visualization quickly switched to shapes and tonality.

This shift in perspective was also oddly appropriate because, turning it over in your hands, I was struck by its stealthy, minimalist design and matte black finish, which combine to exude elegance and sophistication. Moreover, I was startled at how compact and lightweight the M11 Monochrom is (only 542 grams) compared to previous rangefinders, making it easy to carry around and handle.

The camera body is milled from solid magnesium and aluminum blocks, giving it extreme durability and longevity. Meanwhile, on the back, it sports a high-quality 2.95-inch Active Matrix TFT touchscreen with 2.3 million dots, providing a clear and detailed image review.

The most notable feature of the Monochrom (besides the most obvious one) is its triple-resolution, full-frame backside-illuminated (BSI) complementary-metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) sensor…

To read the rest of Liam’s review (including the M11’s availability and pricing information) or to see more of his black and white photography, check out our No Color, No Problem: A Hands-on Review of the New M11 Monochrom from Leica article from April.

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