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The Must-Read Watch Books from 2022

Welcome to our list of the must-read books from 2022 dedicated to the world of watches.

By Ash Longet
PR & Business Development

Whether you are a seasoned collector or just starting to explore the fascinating world of horology, watch books are an excellent resource. And the books released in 2022 are no exception.

That is why, today, we present our list of watch books from 2022 that are sure to pique your interest and deepen your knowledge.

From in-depth historical accounts of iconic brands to practical marketing guides, these books published in 2022 offer something for everyone. So grab a book and settle in; it’s time to dive into the captivating world of watches.

Royal Oak: From Iconoclast to Icon

In 2022, Audemars Piguet’s most famous watch, the Royal Oak, celebrated its 50th anniversary, so it’s fitting that a book about it make this list. Published by Assouline and written by journalist and editor-in-chief of Wallpaper magazine Bill Prince, Royal Oak: From Iconoclast to Icon retraces how this timepiece created a stir upon its release in 1972.

From Gérald Genta’s early designs to some fascinating tidbits about how the watch’s famous dial was made, Prince delves into the time Audemars Piguet developed the Royal Oak and the contemporaneous milestones in art, fashion, design, and architecture that influenced it. For a more in-depth review, read Watchonista’s article about Royal Oak: From Iconoclast to Icon from September.

Selling the Crown: The Secret History of Marketing Rolex

What could be more exciting than shedding some light on the advertising origins of the most commercially successful watch brand in the world? (I mean, besides an actual timepiece from the brand.) How about, Selling the Crown: The Secret History of Marketing Rolex by Brendan Cunningham? That fits the bill nicely.

In his recent book, Cunningham starts at the beginning (with war propaganda during World War II) and unveils some of Rolex’s most innovative and sometimes controversial advertising campaigns. This book is a fascinating addition to your bookshelf!

Louis Vuitton: Tambour

And here it is, the first ever book on Louis Vuitton watchmaking! From its roots to its rise, Louis Vuitton: Tambour by French journalist and author Fabienne Reybaud uncovers the story behind the Tambour (Louis Vuitton’s line of modern luxury watches) and details the key moments in the twenty-year history of this timepiece.

A catalog of the most significant Tambour models (available in many versions: sport-chic, dive, connected, and high complication), as well as exclusive analyses by connoisseurs of watchmaking, make this coffee-table book a real bible for enthusiasts and collectors!

De Bethune: The Art of Watchmaking

Yet another brand celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2022 with a book, and it’s one of my favorites: the futuristic De Bethune.

Titled De Bethune: The Art of Watchmaking and penned by friend of Watchonista Arthur Touchot, International Head of Digital Strategy & Watches at Phillips, this comprehensive historical and sometimes lyrical work will allow you to immerse yourself in the brand’s philosophy and approach. Moreover, Touchot makes brilliant use of interviews with many of De Bethune’s closest friends and their views, opinions, and personal anecdotes about the brand’s founder Denis Flageollet.

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