Inside Story: The Porsche Macan GTS vs. The Jaguar F-PACE SVR
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Inside Story: The Porsche Macan GTS vs. The Jaguar F-PACE SVR

Like competing watch models, it can be a challenge to compare two very similar vehicles – close prices, similar intent and function, roughly equivalent prestige and performance, etc. And, like watches, the real differences often become more apparent on closer inspection. Take an inside look for yourself!

By Nate Chapnick

In the spirit of eternal watch arguments, like the Rolex Submariner vs. the Omega Seamaster, behold, the interiors of two of the finest high-performance luxury crossovers on the market.

From Germany is Porsche’s Macan GTS, an $88,450 screamer born on the Autobahn. From across the channel is Jaguar’s brutally quick F-PACE SVR, a 542 horsepower, V8-powered brute that comes nearly loaded for $93,175.

While Porsche’s Macan starts at about $4,700 less than the Jag, the Macan’s price quickly eclipses the Jag once you add items like a panoramic sliding roof, 14-way power heated/cooled seats, and a premium audio system, all of which come standard on the Jag. In addition, the F-PACE is the more potent performer of the two, besting the Macan in a sprint from zero to 60 mph by a half second, taking just 3.8 seconds.

But, instead of focusing on their performance, we delve into the world of interior luxury design, taking a closer look at the features, materials, and overall layout that distinguishes these two SUVs from the inside. Which telling details make the difference? It’s all up to you.

A: Gauge Cluster

This one is really up to your personal taste. For analog lovers, the Macan takes the cake with its centrally mounted tachometer inspired by classic 911s and its “old-fashioned” needle speedometer. In contrast is the Jag, with its 12.3-inch fully customizable LCD screen. 

While the Macan just offers a small 4.8-inch display, the Jag’s full-width screen can display everything from gauge information, 3D map views, your favorite radio stations, detailed drive mode information, etc. If you’re a diehard techie, you will prefer the Jag’s setup. But, if you prefer the analog aesthetic, as many watch lovers do, then the Macan is the one for you.

B: Steering Wheel

It’s interesting to compare the two approaches that Porsche and Jaguar took to designing the steering wheels of these two SUVs. The Jaguar’s wheel looks more glamorous and upscale, featuring a leather-wrapped rim with satin nickel finishers for the center spoke. The F-PACE’s steering wheel controls are also unique, remaining gloss black until lit, in contrast to the Macan’s tactile physical buttons and exposed screw heads, which feel quite analog. The Macan’s wheel, when equipped with the $11,910 GTS Sport Package, gets trimmed in suede-like Race-Tex fabric and unique colored stitching, as well.

C: Seats

Jaguar’s 14-way performance seats are a treat not only to sit in but also to behold. The slimline seats look sleek compared to the relatively bulky-looking Macan seats and the integrated noble chrome bezel in the shoulder area gives the F-PACE seats a decidedly premium appearance. Both the Porsche and the Jag include monogramming on the headrests and the Macan’s seats are definitely comfortable, but the Jag’s combination of comfort and style give it the edge.

D: Door Panel

Both the Jaguar and the Porsche feature attractive door panels with leather-trimmed armrests and metallic finished door openers. The Jaguar’s door looks a little more opulent than the Porsche, though, because of the added metallic trim pieces and the aluminum speaker grilles.

E: Navigation

Despite its slightly smaller 10.9-inch screen, the Macan’s infotainment system is snappy, intuitive, and displays customizable tiles to make it easy to tailor the screen to your exact specifications, just like your phone’s home screen. In contrast, is the Jaguar’s 11.4-inch Pivi Pro touchscreen, which allows the driver to carry out 90% of common tasks with just two taps from the home screen.

F: Center Stack and Lower Console

The Porsche and the Jaguar have sleek center stacks, but they both take very different approaches to design. While Porsche places the climate controls on the lower console flanking the gear selector, Jaguar puts them just below the touchscreen in a more conventional location. Porsche, on the other hand, places the air vents where Jaguar puts the climate controls, a move that surprisingly doesn’t impact the airflow to the driver.

The highlight of the Macan’s center console, especially for the classic-obsessed, is the analog clock built into the middle of the dashboard, a feature that is not only distinctive but also timeless. It is difficult to understand why more automakers don’t integrate a classic analog timepiece into their interior designs.

E: Lower Console

The Macan’s lower console is centered around the Porsche’s stunning silver and suede-trimmed gearshift selector, one of the few remaining automatic transmissions that are not digitally selected, like the Jaguar’s. This analog touch is oddly refreshing in our digital age. The Jaguar, though, takes advantage of its electronic gearshift selector by utilizing the space it saves for a compartment underneath and a large storage bin and cupholders behind it.

To the right of the Jag’s gearshift is the dynamic drive mode selector; finished in knurled aluminum, it turns not unlike a unidirectional bezel if you give it a go. Finally, we do appreciate the “Macan” plaque that adorns the center of the lower console, a welcome touch of bling to a generally more subdued Macan.

(Images © Jaguar and Porsche)

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