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Inside Cyrus Watches: Behind The Scenes At The Innovative Independent Manufacture

Independent watchmaking is fascinating. It is an inexhaustible source of creativity. Since 2010, Cyrus has proudly displayed this individuality both in terms of design and technical innovation. Here's a look at a real independent manufacture.

By Benjamin Teisseire

The key to success for all independent brands is differentiation and quality. Cyrus, a young brand based in Geneva and Le Locle, has been cultivating these two pillars since its creation.

A pillar of skills

Cyrus belongs to the Cyrus Watch Group of Companies, a group of entities that ensures its production and development. The critical part is, of course, production, which represents a high cost for the small series produced by these independent brands. Owning the in-house manufacturing tools is undeniably a great asset. It's the case of Cyrus whose manufacture is at Chronode in Le Locle.

The Chronode name is familiar to most watch enthusiasts. The company supplies several prestigious brands and is part of the Cyrus Group. As a true industrial partner, Chronode designs, produces, and assembles complete watches for the brand. Jean-François Mojon, founder of Chronode in 2005, is at the core of Cyrus' original designs. The master watchmaker admits,

I like the challenge of creating new watch architectures, new complications, original representations of traditional functions. Cyrus offers this possibility with total freedom

From design to logistics, Chronode is the manufacture of Cyrus. A guarantee of exceptional quality, proven reliability, and originality which is on display in the 600 annual timepieces stamped with the Cyrus logo that you can find at specialized retailers throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and now in the United States. (For more information, click HERE.)

When the Swiss family behind the brand wanted to create Cyrus in 2009, they contacted Jean-François Mojon to realize their original idea: to create an exclusive independent brand of high-end Swiss watchmaking, at the forefront of technology, with a strong identity, while respecting the age-old traditions of the industry. Two years later, the Cyrus Group became a shareholder of Chronode, sealing a partnership with boundless promise.

Unique and original designs

The resulting design hallmarks are very distinctive: an imposing case but with optimized ergonomics, prominent lugs married to an integrated bracelet for perfect comfort, and two crowns to consider settings of differentiated and immediate functions. For example, the two o'clock and four o'clock buttons for the Klepcys Chronograph offers the start-stop function at three o'clock and the reset at none o'clock. You can find these strong character traits in every collection of the Le Locle based brand. And with them, Cyrus combines skill and originality with utility.

Furthermore, we find this reinterpretation of function in the Klepcys Moon, specifically in the display of hours, minutes, and seconds. The time is displayed linearly from the axis of the hours positioned on the outer periphery. The central disk of minutes and seconds then indicate the information in an aligned fashion. Simple but complex to realize with Haute Horlogerie precision.

Similarly, the retrograde date also benefits from this innovation. The arc of the units is fixed on the outside while the indices are displayed on a cube which scales the units and pivots on the next ten at the same time as it returns to zero. The crown at nine o'clock allows assembly and setting of the time. One at three o'clock sets the date with ease and speed. Unique and original in the purest spirit of Cyrus.

Haute Horlogerie brands

It's always in the details that Cyrus discovers themselves. The Klepcys Vertical Tourbillon, presented at Baselworld this year, is a perfect example. The curved case with curved lugs is optimal for on-wrist comfort. The technical approach to rethinking a whole new caliber from the vertical and central position of the tourbillon is something else! It was a functional change to restore the tourbillon’s utility, but also an aesthetic choice in order to create symmetry from the anchor. The displays of hours and minutes then become bi-retrograde on both sides. The power reserve of nearly 100 hours is displayed at 12 o'clock, and the seconds are visible on the cage of the tourbillon.

The ease of adjustment is misleading because the feel of the pushers is worthy of the best watchmakers. The great art of watchmaking. That is found in the finishing seen through the sapphire crystal caseback. The mainplate is milled in two micro-blasted levels. The upper part is then given a sunray finish to give the signature of the Cyrus movements. It's beautiful and immediately recognizable. A hallmark that is worthy of Haute Horlogerie and what the brand embodies.

Like all the beautiful independent brands, Cyrus works to make itself known to collectors eager to differentiate themselves as much by the aesthetics as by the original technicality of its timepieces. A young brand to urgently discover.

(Photography by Pierre Vogel)

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