SeaQ East Meets SeaQ West

Glashütte Original: SeaQ East Meets SeaQ West

The new Glashütte Original SeaQ green goes coast to coast for the ultimate exercise in versatility.

By Kyle Snarr

Versatility. It’s why we all love wearing a dive watch. No nonsense in form and robust in function, dive watches represent the ultimate go-anywhere, do-anything spirit of horology. The moment we laid eyes on Glashütte Original’s newest variant of their classic SeaQ, with its dial and bezel lacquered in reed green, we knew it would be a watch worth testing out this ethos of versatility.

Versatility Is Key

Launched initially and exclusively in North America, Glashütte Original chose a unique and multifunctional hue of green on the dial and bezel of this 39.5 mm-cased SeaQ that conjures almost any adventure  from a weekend road trip to climbing the nearest mountain. And Watchonista Creative Studios was determined to do just that  prove that its versatility is key, no matter which activity, what environment, or on whose wrist. Has Glashütte Original crafted an all-purpose adventure watch with enough class to go from coast to coast?

Backroad Blasting

This transcontinental study in versatility required us to place the new SeaQ in two completely different locations, accompanying two different individuals on their own kind of adventure. For the first stage of the experiment, the new SeaQ’s green dial inspired some distinct racing vibes.

Even though this watch isn’t your typical driving companion, we opted for some backroad blasting in Upstate New York with the SeaQ on a steel bracelet, priced at $10,200, and paired it with another icon. We chose a rare steely-silver vintage car – one of only 300 coupes made. It sports a flat-six engine, more than enough for this svelte steed.

The moment the SeaQ was affixed to the wrist of the car’s owner/driver, it was apparent to all that this was no ordinary dive watch. It was as though it instantly became his loyal companion for this everyday life adventure. The watch and the car were kindred spirits, together embodying the day’s total experience.

Cranking To The Coast

For the next phase of this experiment, we flew the new SeaQ to a team in Northern California who were waiting to receive it. They immediately strapped it onto the wrist of a different person, on a different coast, with a completely different vehicle. This time, they relied on manpower instead of horsepower. A cycle tour on the West Coast contrasted in so many ways to the East Coast-based gentleman’s drive.

We switched from the SeaQ’s uniquely designed, easy-to-size steel bracelet to the configuration available with a grey, synthetic cloth strap, priced at $9,000, to reduce its overall weight. Our rider then cranked to the coast on his custom-made green Mosaic GT-1 gravel bike, harkening directly back to the SeaQ’s uniquely-hued dial and bezel.

Taking this watch on such a wildly different adventure established precisely what we set out to do: To prove that the SeaQ takes on any environment it is thrust into and inhabits it with power and poise.

Tune in next Friday, April 2nd, for the next installment of this series, where we will go into detail around each of these unique adventures and show how the new SeaQ green was most certainly at home in both scenarios.

Learn more on Glashütte Original’s website.

(Photography by Watchonista)

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