All Aboard! Watchonista Takes the Oris Waldenburgherbahn for a Ride

All Aboard! Watchonista Takes the Oris Waldenburgherbahn for a Ride

Check out our exclusive video starring a turn of the 20th-century train, some cows, and the Oris Waldenburgerbahn Limited Edition!

By Vincent Brasesco
Director, US

Earlier this month, Oris unveiled its Waldenburgerbahn Limited Edition based on the Oris Big Crown Pointer Date.

And seeing as this watch was inspired by the great steam train that brought Oris (and Hölstein) to the world, we here at Watchonista thought it was only right to take this mechanical beauty back to its roots on a real-deal, coal-fired steam locomotive.

Luckily, we had a 1906 Baldwin Locomotive with a first-class carriage decorated as it would have been in 1910 close at hand. And, not unlike what Oris employees would have seen on their journey to Hölstein through the Waldenburg Valley, we passed a lovely afternoon admiring the green pastures of farmland. Just as they did then, we also had our Oris watch to admire. Enjoy!

(Images © Oris)

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Watchonista Takes the Oris Waldenburgherbahn for a Ride