Hublot Big Bang Jeans

A Day with a Big Bang Hublot Jeans

Who doesn’t own a pair of jeans? Assuredly my grandmother but that must be it. Flare, bootcut or skinny are those odd references we find on the tag of our jeans. If we put them into perspective, they aren’t that odd after the ones we are used to read in the watch industry.

By Eléonor Picciotto

As a concrete example, hard it became to differentiate the various Big Bang references from Hublot. Yet, the Jeans model with a sparkling bezel makes the difference. And again, there are more than one reference when it comes to a Hublot jeans … Vintage, dark blue, with a colored stich, as a special series for a Russian or Parisian retailer, the blue timepiece is a hit, and an it-accessory.

Why the blue jean?

For a little bit of history, back in 1850 in the United States, the pair of jeans was the outfit of the cow-boy or the worker digging gold. One century later wearing a pair of jeans was a sign of youth and rebellion up until the hippies used the jeans to embroider lace flowers or pearls on them adding colored paint.

To be worn until it wears out, it is only then that it become interesting to start collecting a pair of jeans and liking its style even more… In just a few years, the jeans takes a higher value more than just sentimental. In the past few decades, the reputation of the jeans material evolved using it as a status with proud and style. If we think about it, the same thing goes with the watch.

Hublot Big Bang Jeans Hublot Big Bang Jeans


When it comes to a watch, the automatic movement of the Big Bang Jeans doesn’t add any technical value to the piece, whereas the jeans used on the bracelet wearing out years after years will. Specially when you know that it is a 250 pieces limited edition with baguette sapphires and diamonds set on the bezel.

The other day, a fashion woman’s magazine was weighting the pros and cons for the styled jeans… Should they be painted? Cropped? with Swarowski crystals? Or just a jeans arty – reminding at all times the workers outfit.

Chill out girls, don’t think about your jeans, think about your watch!

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