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Constantin Stikas: conversations about high frequency

While his images were being printed on the glossy pages of prestigious magazines, the horology virus entered his life. He became the organiser of a reference trade fair, publisher and great interviewer.

By Joel Grandjean

In Paris, he studied architectural design and photography. Before immersing himself in the magical world of horology, Constantin Stikas earned his living from his pictures, which appeared in prestigious magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Figaro Madame, Status, Capital and Playboy… His work explored various genres, portrait, publicity, still-life, fashion and architectural photography…

One day, he noticed that his peripheral vision was dimming. He consulted a specialist in Geneva. While looking for something to read during the tests, he ended up in a library, searching for a book on West Highland dogs. Because the volumes were classified in alphabetical order, the next book on the shelf was entitled Wristwatches, a book on horology. Watches? He had already photographed a few during his career. However, no one had ever bothered answering his questions. Back at his hotel, he delved into his book and, before leaving Geneva, bought himself a selection of watch magazines.

Shared knowledge

On his return home, Athens, he naturally shared his new passion. Only a few brands were well-known in his country. He started talking about the lesser known ones, spreading the watch gospel all around. And at some point the brands became aware that they had an exceptional ambassador on location  and followed him in his adventures. First he began publishing. As of 1995, he started to write for Capital, the economic magazine of his country.

He went from director of publications, founder of magazines or horology supplements, to journalist turned expert and speaker. He then embarked successfully on the organisation of Very Important Watches™ during 12 years, a trade fair considered the inescapable Hellenic rite of passage for great Swiss brands and watch creators. It was during this period that Greece entered the top 20 of Swiss horology markets.

His evangelising work continues on the bilingual French-English pages of the website, the on-line extension of his fair. It is there that he posts his rare interviews, his full-fledged features, his research and reflections on the passing of time, occasionally cruelly confronting various reasons for being, yet often generous enough to reach out to new horizons…

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