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Chopard (L.U.C) Tourbillon for Only Watch 2013 - Made in Fleurier!

For the 5th edition of the Only Watch charity auction, Chopard watches (L.U.C) proposes a timepiece illustrating its know-how as well as its industrial and artisanal establishment in the Val-de-Travers.

By Marco Gabella
Co-Founder - Executive Publisher

Well-informed watchmaking amateurs and other professionals of the field acknowledge the huge industrial development undertaken by Chopard over the past 15 years. Established since 1996 in Fleurier, the firm became a point of reference for watchmaking skills comprising of production tools as well as artisanal skills in Research and Development.

L.U.C Chopard Tourbillon for Only Watch 2013 The L.U.C  Tourbillon for Only Watch 2013 - Made in Fleurier (NE)

Fleurier, historical watchmaking land

Backed by the presence of Parmigiani, Vaucher Manufacture (Movements), Bovet Fleurier, Weber (Hands), Kari Voutilianen, ValFleurier (components and movements) or Dilatech (dials – hands – small parts turning industry) in the district or at its doors, Chopard’s establishment has noticeably helped the Val-de-Travers administrative center and its region to reach the critical mass needed to implement a sustainable watch industry.

L.U.C Chopard Tourbillon for Only Watch 2013 The extraordinary engraved back of the L.U.C Tourbillon

Now a significant name on the watchmaking scene, Fleurier is proudly displayed on dials with the firm intention of circulating a terroir which regroups the whole of necessary skills needed to design and manufacture a finished watch. The Made in Fleurier, which is in particular defended by the Chopard.

The Qualité Fleurier label, is gradually attracting the attention of collectors looking for authenticity and traceability.

L.U.C Chopard Tourbillon for Only Watch 2013 A L.U Chopard Tourbillon Chronometer for the Only Watch charity auction

A useful masterpiece

In the spirit of the promotion of its craftsmanship, Chopard watches introduces for the 5th edition of Only Watch a piece which may be defined as a journeyman masterpiece.

Indeed, through the L.U.C Tourbillon Only Watch 2013 Edition, the firm superbly illustrates its skills while also tastefully merging them with the theme of the charity auction in the name of research against the Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Chopard Tourbillon for Only Watch 2013 Zoom on the tourbillon at 6 o'clock

On the front side, the dial is hand-engraved with the coat-of-arms of the Monaco Principality, which have been designed as a monogram. Consequently, it has a powerful impact but its first asset is its decoration. The charity auction being under the patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II, the Monaco reference is surely but discreetly displayed. Just as graphic at the 6 o’clock position, the 1 minute tourbillon is revealed behind a bridge which perfectly blends into the whole. As always with L.U.C watches, the index, hands and other appliques are skilfully handled in a both modern and classic style.

A high-end home-made caliber

The illustration continues for the movement’s part with a decoration of the bridges manufactured according to the fleurisanne engraving. This refers to a bas-relief metal sculpture. These particular motifs are not directly sculpted but are rather made through the removal of material.

L.U.C Chopard Tourbillon Chronograph for Only Watch 2013 Two DNA spirals representing the importance of research against DMD

On a matt and structured back, two DNA chromosomes motifs, which refer to the research undertaken, as well as the logo of the charity auction, are brightly underlined.

Equipped with the patented Quattro technology, the Tourbillon L.U.C 02.17-L calibre ensures an important power reserve of 216 hours obtained via four barrels. The watch has also been certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute. 43 mm in diameter, the platinum case is comfortably worn, even for slender wrists.

Chopart Toubillon Chronograph for Only Watch The unique piece offered by Chopard on the wrist

The Chopard firm will undoubtedly attract the attention of the bidders with the watchmaking and craftsmanship skills highlighted in this unique piece. An event such as Only Watch certainly warrants generosity for the benefit of research; however, the attention of Chopard with regards to making this watch exceptional will surely contribute to a significant auction.

Watch amateurs, the floor is yours!

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