Harry Winston Opus XIII Exclusive Live Picture from Baselworld 2013

Baselworld 2013: Harry Winston OPUS XIII - The Watch of all Superlatives

We had the opportunity to discover the Harry Winston OPUS XIII, an amazing watch developed in collaboration with master watchmaker Ludovic Ballouard.

By Joel Grandjean
Editor in Chief

The Harry Winston Opus XIII is the watch of all superlatives : 660 components including the hands, 242 functional rubies, 59 minutes hands and 59 blade springs carved from a single piece of steel, 11 Triangular shaped hours...

Harry Winston Opus Live picture from Baselworld 2013

Harry Winston Opus XIII Wristshot
Harry Winston Opus XIII Live picture from Baselworld 2013
For a better understanding of the way the watch functions, have a look to the official video below and the Harry Winston Opus XIII official press release.


Harry Winston Opus XIII Dial Close-up

We will soon publish a full review of this pure watchmaking project. Meanwhile, thanks to a slide that allows you to go back in time, the Watchonista's space dedicated to the OPUS history allows you to explore again this incredible saga, which portrays the most renowned independent watchmakers of our era.

Harry Winston Opus XIII Dial Close-up

Harry Winston Opus 13 presented at Baselworld 2013

Harry Winston Opus XIII

OPUS XIII by Harry Winston

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Opus XIII with Ludovic Ballouard

Opus XIII has only one thing in common with any other watch and that is its balance and escapement; the rest of the mechanism is pure invention, the brainchild...

Opus XIII by Harry Winston

Baselworld 2013: Harry Winston Opus XIII exclusive live pictures