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Iron Man’s Watch is Coming to Auction for a Good Cause

The Urwerk UR-110RG worn by Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) is coming to auction May 12-13 at Phillips.

By Josh Shanks

Iron Man wouldn’t be Iron Man without the singular Robert Downey Jr. The role of Tony Stark has made Downey Jr. a household name and, in the process, made the actor over a hundred million dollars. Perhaps because of this windfall, the actor has chosen to spend his money on a wide variety of things. In the process, the actor picked up a bit of a watch habit. As witnessed in this 2016 video where he notably tosses a Patek Philippe ref. 5712 about like it was a Swatch.

The Urwerk UR-110RG 

Worn by Downey Jr. in the film Spiderman: Homecoming, this rose gold timepiece was request by Downey Jr. himself prior to filming. Rumor has it, when Urwerk received the first call from the studio, they thought it was a prank. After the dust settled and Urwerk’s CEO, Felix Baumgartner realized Downey Jr. had indeed asked for the watch, they hand-delivered a model to Los Angeles.

Worn prominently in the film and subsequent red carpet, the watch was returned to Urwerk once the promotion was over. Likely, after seeing the massive PR windfall that ensued, the brand made an identical UR-110RG and gave it to Downey Jr.

This 51mm rose gold and titanium watch was the perfect timepiece to pair with Iron Man’s bright red suit. Powered by a UR-9.01 calibre which display the time via rotating hours and minutes. Featuring 39 hours of power reserve and incredible finishing on all surfaces. Upon its release, this watch captured the hearts of collectors of independent watches.

The fate of Iron Man’s watch

But what would become of the watch Iron Man wore in the film? After the watch was returned to Urwerk, Downey Jr. and the brand opted to auction the film worn piece. The auction house they choose was a no brainer, fresh off the Paul Newman auction, Aurel Bacs’ Phillips would take the baton for this important auction.

In a benevolent move, the watch will be auctioned to raise money for charity. The charity chosen by Downey Jr. is Manusodany, which is a non-profit focused Haitian development and relief efforts.

Stay tuned to Phillips’ Geneva Watch Auction: SEVEN, occurring May 12-13 in Geneva!

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