Andersen Genève Jumping Hours Only Watch 2023

Technical specifications


  • Jumping Hours
  • Minutes


  • Self Winding/Automatic
  • Swiss Made


  • Round
  • Platinum
  • Brushed & Polished
  • 9.22mm
  • 38.00mm


  • Sapphire


  • Pin Buckle
  • Platinum


  • Black


  • 2023

Official description

ANDERSEN Genève has been proudly supporting Only Watch since the first edition in 2005, when it was the very first lot auctioned. For the 10th Edition, we’re happy once again to donate a Unique Piece to this noble cause. This time, Andersen Genève is presenting an exceptional version of the acclaimed Jumping Hours, launched in 2020 to celebrate the brand’s 40th Anniversary. This Unique Piece combines a platinum case, plus pink gold crown, with a unique dial of pure jade stone, delicately cut to a thickness of just 0.4mm and worked to a perfectly flat, flawless finish. This requires incredible skill to create without breaking it: at its thinnest point, where the hour wheel is recessed beneath it, the dial is just 0.15mm thick. The effect is bewitching. Seen from afar, the dial seems a deep, alluring black, forming a rich contrast with the minutes hand, chapter ring and brand logo in powdered pink gold. Close inspection, however, reveals the veins and details running through the jade – the unique qualities of the stone. It is a watch that showcases both the minimalistic elegance and the high craftsmanship of the Jumping Hours, in the most luxurious and alluring way.

CHF 40,000 – 50,000
USD 44,000 – 55,000
EUR 41,200 – 51,500