Limited edition, TF Est. 1968 ‘Open Side’ Tourbillon cufflinks

Limited edition, TF Est. 1968 ‘Open Side’ Tourbillon cufflinks

The new cufflinks in the Tourbillon range will be hitting the market just this side of summer 2014 as part of a limited edition of 1968 pieces. The newly christened Open Side cufflinks are a play on total transparency in a fun nod to continuous movement.

Calling all Collectors! Open Side in a choice of colours

In a bid to explore the magic of the mix, playing on an array of different colours and a combination of materials, the Tourbillon cufflink family today sees a few new additions. Three individually numbered colour combos are now available: steel against black, rose gold-plated against black and chocolate brown on a ‘vanilla’ ground. Only 1968 sets will be produced for each product reference.

Watchmaking-inspired gems and the craftsman’s universe

A field leader having seen incredible worldwide success, with over 500 retail outlets and multi-continental distribution channels, the Tourbillon cufflink range enabled the Geneva-born TF Est. 1968 to establish a highly enviable global reputation in next to no time. After being the first to adopt them, watchmaking enthusiasts instantly transformed the highly coveted objects into must-have items. It was then only a matter of time before contemporary man fell under the spell of this ultimate expression of pure masculine elegance.

Calling all Collectors! Open Side in a choice of colours

‘Tourbillon’ cufflinks

TF Est. 1968, in a play on total transparency, leaves open to view a genuine watchmaking movement trapped inside a steel cage adorned with carbon motifs. The mechanism is powered by the movements of the wearer’s wrist and encased beneath a sapphire-treated crystal to ensure quality and resistance.

Design-wise, the raised stem gives the object its distinctive functionality, preventing its from turning on its own axis. A smart and snappy spring clasp system holds the piece firmly in place, fixing it securely to the shirt cuff.

Limited edition, TF Est. 1968 ‘Open Side’ Tourbillon cufflinks

The especially sturdily built TF Est. 1968 cufflinks are water-resistant, shock-resistant and can withstand all manner of knocks and shocks. They also come in other versions, each referencing the mechanical watchmaking universe: e.g. moon phases in a planetary nod at the world globe.

Pens, key rings and watches

Each pair of cufflinks is complemented by the addition of matching accessories: Writing implements - Key rings – the T-Fun watch, chronograph or automatic 3-hand model.

N.B.: The solid gold models in the Tourbillon collection are also open to view at the side.

Available in steel, rose gold or chocolate brown versions