DeWitt Hong Kong Boutique

DeWitt Hong Kong Boutique

Grand Opening of the First DeWitt Hong Kong Boutique
Accompanied by the launch of the latest Golden Afternoon ladies collection

DeWitt celebrated on June 22nd, the Grand Opening of its first boutique in Hong Kong. Located in the Elements, at Kowloon Station, this boutique gives to the brand a new opportunity to be closer to its Chinese clientele. This opening was accompanied by the launch of the latest Golden Afternoon ladies collection. To celebrate this special occasion, DeWitt hosted a gala dinner at the W Hotel in an enchanting and spectacular wonderland decor.

Inspired by the same design as the DeWitt Museum in Geneva, the DeWitt Hong Kong boutique is the perfect illustration of the brand’s commitment to perpetuate ancestral watchmaking tradition but with a twist of audacity! The “machinery wheels” on the main wall immediately set the scene and welcome the guests to the heart of DeWitt. The elegant red carpet, the ingenious round showcase, the stylish “Imperial Column” display, combined with precious wood and stone environment set the tone of the new boutique: majestic, elegant, modern and intimate. The boutique showcases traditional watchmaking techniques and features some ancient machines such as two beautiful 19th century “Tour à arrondir”. DeWitt is today one of the very few remaining brands to perpetuate the art of Guilloché on historical 18th, 19th and 20th century rose-engine machines.

During the grand opening, DeWitt also presented the latest Golden Afternoon ladies collection, which was a novelty for this year’s Baselworld. With the Golden Afternoon collection, DeWitt has tried to poetically and artistically retrace the different stages in the life of a woman and her changing perceptions of the world around her. The design of Golden Afternoon was inspired by the the Pre-Raphaelites and the fairy tale of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The watch is extremely feminine and is defined by its elegancy and gracefulness.

After the grand opening ceremony, DeWitt hosted a gala dinner in the ballroom of the W Hotel. The theme for the venue decoration was Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. All guests, including model and celebrity Ms Fala Chen, were made to feel they had entered a Wonderland presented by DeWitt, reminiscent of a paradise dreamworld. The honourable guests also witnessed how Alice found her own Golden Afternoon watch in this Wonderland; a beautiful story of the long and sinuous journey from innocent childhood to wisdom and adulthood.

During the gala, Mr. Nash Benjamin, CEO of F J Benjamin Holdings Ltd., said, “Today, we are so delighted to witness the grand opening of the first DeWitt boutique in Hong Kong. Since our partnership with DeWitt in 2010, our respective philosophies and perception of luxury match perfectly, and I am glad to see that there are a lot of sparkles and synergy between us. I look forward to creating more exciting and interesting projects with DeWitt in the future.”

Ms. Nathalie Veysset, CEO of DeWitt, said, “This DeWitt boutique provides a privileged environment for customers to experience our unique blend of classic watchmaking with a twist of audacity. We hope this new stunning boutique will bring a little bit of Geneva to Hong Kong and make it a place where the minds and the imagination of our guests can run freely and their craziest dreams come true!

A vivid dance performance rounded off the gala dinner. All guests enjoyed a great night in the DeWitt Wonderland.